Oregon Dem Gov Kate Brown Preps to Ram Through $700 Million Tax Hike With Little Debate


After repeatedly pushing tax hikes during her time in office, embattled Oregon Democrat Governor Kate Brown is at it again Download the old hymn. This time, she’s trying to do it before the public has a chance to notice.

Oregon voters in 2010 passed a ballot initiative creating a 35 day session for lawmakers to work on technical fixes to legislation 공부가 재미있다 다운로드. Now, the Oregonian is reporting that Kate Brown wants to ignore that intention and use the rush session to pass a $700 million carbon tax 크롬 풀 버전.

The Albany-Democrat Herald explains, “It’s alarming to learn that another big-deal bill may be getting the short-session treatment in 2018 크롬 투 폰. The Oregonian reported over the weekend that many Democrats, including Gov. Kate Brown, will be pushing for a bill to cap greenhouse gases and charge some of the state’s largest companies for their carbon output.”

“But here’s one of the reasons why Brown and other Democrats might want to be pushing the carbon-tax proposal: It could raise big money — $700 million a year — for the state.”

Even Democrats are speaking out against reports that Brown will push through the tax hike without “ample opportunity” for a full hearing and public input 책 표지.

“…so many details remain to be worked out that even some Democrats, such as Sen. Mark Hass of Beaverton, are questioning the wisdom of trying to push it through in a short session Download Hancom Office 2020 Crack. ‘I’m not sure we have all the answers on a giant policy like that to act in 30 days,’ Hass told The Oregonian.”

Kate Brown doesn’t want to give the public time to debate her $700 million tax hike, because to Brown, raising taxes is more important than giving the public its say Download the moon color.


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