GREAT Candidate for BOLI Commissioner

Good afternoon,


I would like to introduce you to a great candidate  for the BOLI Commissioner’s position.

Lou is enthusiastic, smart, and understands that the “I” for INDUSTRY is a huge part of the BOLI Commissioners job labview 평가판 다운로드!


This is a race that is determined at the May primary election.  Lou only has a few weeks to get his message out and needs all of our help to do so 식객 만화.

We have field signs, lawn signs and literature to get to you ASAP.   We need people to flood the highways and byways with Lou’s signs!


We have a REPUBLICAN running, let’s get behind him and SUPPORT HIM! 도시 정벌!


Remember, Val Hoyle received $250,000 from Bloomberg for her bid for SOS.  She is now being support by SEIU and many labor unions.  Lou needs your help Download tabletop simulator.


Please join me in supporting a Republican for the Bureau of Labor and Industry Commissioner,  LOU OGDEN 초코초코타이쿤2!


Thank you,


Winning  Oregon  together,


Chris Barreto

Vice Chair of the Oregon Republican Party

541 910-5247







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