FLASHBACK: House Democrats vote to INCREASE taxes on small businesses




How long will newfound commitment to supporting small businesses last?


Salem, Ore. – House Republicans today reminded Oregonians that less than one year ago, House Democrats voted to increase taxes on small businesses by repealing the provisions of tax policy that the special session bill expands. Republicans expressed concern that even if Governor Brown’s special session bill is signed into law, Democrats may attempt to repeal it in a future session.


“First they voted to increase taxes on small businesses, now they claim they want to lower them,” said House Republican Leader Mike McLane (R-Powell Butte). “What is going to stop them from coming back in the 2019 legislative and repealing the work we are doing here today? I have little faith that Democrats’ campaign-year token to small businesses will last beyond the next election.”


Even before the special session began today, House Democrats had expressed resistance to Governor Brown’s special session bill.


“I’m not willing to vote for this when you’re adding more people to a poorly designed tax credit without any sunset to evaluate it…,” said Rep. Alyssa Keny-Guyer (D-Portland) in an interview with OPB earlier this month.


Rep. Rob Nosse (D-Portland) added: “I think it’s a hard vote for Democrats no matter what, right?”


“This is not one we should have on our books,” said state Rep. Phil Barnhart (D-Eugene), according to OPB. “There’s no value in this tax break.”


In response to a question from House GOP Leader Mike McLane regarding the prospect of the repeal of HB 4031 in 2019, Governor Brown declined to take a firm position.


“In terms of repealing, I’d want to see further analysis,” the Governor said during an interim hearing on HB 4031 last week.


HB 4031 is scheduled for a vote in the Oregon House this afternoon.



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