Midterm Elections

The Republicans must retain control of the US House of Representatives and pick up seats in the US Senate in the upcoming mid-term election!  Don’t let the Democrats fool you.  They have nothing left besides name calling and public agitation.  They have no winning arguments.  The Democrats can only try to obscure the issues and resort to calling us mean racists because we want strong immigration laws, we want to keep our second amendment rights and we seek to uphold the US Constitution and traditional American values.  Republican voters must not play their game.  We must hold to our values and stand up for what we believe in.  Opposition will be fierce but we must stand our ground. President TRUMP has exposed the Liberals in the Democrat Party, Hollywood, Institutions of Higher Education and the Mainstream Media as the radical leftists and anarchists they truly are. These people are the New Democrat Socialist party of the far left.


Here is the new face of the Democrat Party (satire video): https://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2018/07/26/ocasiocortez-crtv-video-n2503436


Here is an example of an amazing Republican US House candidate running to replace a Democrat in New Hampshire that will most likely win:   https://www.edwardsfornh.com/ Browse through his web site.  He is a man of good character.  This man is just one example of the courageous men and women seeking to uphold our traditional American values by running for Congress.


Remember our previous President saying this? https://www.gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2018/03/01 New scandals keep emerging every day.  How about the political appointees at the Obama DOJ and FBI trying to rig the election for HiLIARy?  The Democrats must not get control of our government again.


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Upholding the Constitution in the Tradition of our Founding Fathers

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