The Myth of the Moderate Democrat

In my lifetime, there actually used to be some conservative Democrat legislators down south that voted with Republicans.  Now, the news media mouthpieces talk about moderate Democrats in congress.  There is no such person.  It is a myth.  Glance through the American Conservative Union ratings and see if you find a “moderate” Democrat  Unfortunately, there are plenty of moderate and even liberal Republicans.  It is discouraging but we can never give up.  Our freedom and liberty is too important!


LOSER: Fortunately, most voters in the USA do not have a favorable view toward Socialism:


WINNER: We must continue to elect Republicans who support the TRUMP agenda of a strong economy, a strong military, stronger border enforcement and protection of religious liberty:


TRUMP will continue to undo the horrible OBAMA legacy: and continue to expose the Democrat’s agenda:


I lived in Venezuela for two years.  Socialism does NOT work:


We have an election coming up in November…we can’t afford to be complacent.  Contact your local Republican party and volunteer!


Republicans Make America Great Again!


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