Pray, Vote, Stand Prayer Guide: Week Three

October 06, 2018

Pray, Vote, Stand Prayer Guide | Week three: Prayer for the Marketplace

Sunday, October 7

Integrity: Pray first for Christian-owned businesses to operate with integrity and honesty in the marketplace 유니버스 샌드박스 2 한글. Pray also that other companies and corporations large and small would honestly conduct business.

Scripture: Prov. 13:11; Prov. 16:11; Lev. 19:35-36

Monday, October 8

Source: Pray that Christian business owners would recognize, understand, and acknowledge the source of their power to succeed 네이버 시리즈 플레이어 다운로드.

Scripture: Deut. 8:18; John 19:11

Tuesday, October 9

Kingdom purposes: Pray that believers would see their businesses as gifts from the Lord to be used by the Lord for His purposes Download the treat scetme mark.

Scripture: Prov. 3:9; Acts 18

Wednesday, October 10

Boldness: Pray for Christian business owners to be bold and courageous; conducting business in a way that both acknowledges and honors the Lord 정상수 명사수. Pray that they would also be bold in evangelizing in the marketplace.

Scripture: Acts 16:11-40

Thursday, October 11

Protection: Pray that the Lord will protect Christian business owners who operate according to kingdom principles and boldly acknowledge God in how they conduct their business Download the white album.

Scripture: Acts 18

Friday, October 12

Faithful and prosperous workforce: Pray that kingdom-centered businesses would attract and develop faithful employees that will cause their companies and employees to prosper Download moana korean subtitles.

Scripture: Ps. 112; Luke 16:1-13

Saturday, October 13

Responsible: Pray that the policies and practices of businesses/corporations would be moral and beneficial to the well-being of society 피파 07. For those businesses that choose to use their influence and resources to undermine morality, pray that those resources would be entrusted to those who will honor God 원피스 오프닝.

Scripture: Prov. 13:22; Eccl. 2:26

If you haven’t already, please join believers across the country in taking the pledge to: 1) Pray 2) Vote and 3) Stand Love Paris.

Standing (Eph. 6:13),

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