Remember to vote RIGHT

Ballots are out in Oregon.  Please vote for the Republican candidate and vote YES on the ballot measures.  PLEASE VOTE soon and get your friends, neighbors and relatives to vote.


Dilbert author, Scott Adams, predicts that Republican candidates are going to Win Bigly:

“Adams predicted in August 2015 that Donald Trump would win the Republican nomination for president, based on his analysis of Trump’s persuasion skills. He also suggested that Trump had a chance of defeating Hillary Clinton”.




Are Democrats the Party of Antifa Fascists?:

“If you’re worried too (and you should be), get inspired and involved. Above all, VOTE! Vote to preserve our democratic Republic, our freedoms, our booming economy, reliable and affordable energy for all Americans – and equal justice for all, based on the presumption of innocence until proven guilty”.


Americans for Liberty PAC

Upholding the Constitution in the Tradition of our Founding Fathers

Executive Director Lanny Hildebrandt

1615 4th Street

La Grande, OR  97850

(541) 963-7930

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