Carbon committee cuts off testimony from Baker City after just one hour, leaving hundreds without opportunity to testify

Salem, Ore. – Partnership for Oregon Communities released the following statement after the Joint Carbon Committee cut off public testimony from Baker City this evening after just one hour, leaving hundreds of Oregonians without an opportunity to testify:

“Hundreds of Eastern Oregon residents showed up in Baker City this evening hoping to have an opportunity to testify before the carbon committee. These Oregonians braved winter roads just to have a chance to share their concerns because they understand what is at stake if cap and trade is adopted. Unfortunately, the committee cut off testimony after just one hour.

“The committee has heard hours upon hours of invited testimony in support of cap and trade, but now everyday Oregonians with a different view are getting left out in the cold. The voices of Eastern Oregon deserve to be heard. We urge the committee to make an effort to make sure the voices of Eastern Oregon have a fair opportunity to be heard. Lawmakers owe it to Oregonians to get this right.”

This statement may be attributed to Preston Mann, spokesperson for the Partnership for Oregon Communities.


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