Governor Brown is determined to pick SAIF Corp.’s pocket


Taking $1.4 billion from SAIF’s reserve endangers blue-collar workers for public unions’ benefit

SALEM, Ore Android xml. – Governor Kate Brown proposes to loot $1.4 billion from SAIF Corp., to pay off the state’s government unions. In doing so, the Governor and her Democrat allies are putting Oregon’s workers at risk Download labview 2012.

SAIF is a model non-profit administrator of the state’s worker compensation system covering approximately half the state’s payroll workers office 365 무료 다운로드. The agency promotes workplace safety and provides financial support for thousands of injured workers in their time of need. It serves in a beneficial manner for all parties 상어가족 mp3. While recent Secretary of State audits reveal many agencies are prone to waste, SAIF has built enviable reserves, annually returning dividends to clients and covering thousands of claims 쉘스크립트 ftp.

“The Governor’s proposed indiscreet confiscation of SAIF’s reserves is a smash and grab, endangering hardworking Oregon wage earners,” said House Republican Leader Rep bitdefender 다운로드. Carl Wilson (R-Grants Pass). “Employees and their families depend on SAIF’s worker compensation plans during the dire times when they are injured and can’t work.”

Ironically, cash reserves built on years of workplace safety and sound fiscal practice are viewed as easy pickings to shovel into the ever-deepening PERS pit 에어코믹스 서버. Dollars wisely invested to provide returns that enabled SAIF to offer some of the most affordable worker compensation rates in the country, will now be squandered in the Democrats’ endless shell game 캡슐보이.

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