Oregon GOP Sends Governor List of Nominees for Appointing Richardson’s Successor

Oregon GOP Urges Governor to Use GOP-Proposed Candidate Pool to Replace Richardson

GOP Concerned Brown Will Pick Governor Loyalist Who Won’t Continue Richardson’s Work

Wilsonville, OR –  Today, the Oregon Republican Party Executive Committee approved a list of nominees for Governor Kate Brown to select from to fill the vacancy created by the passing of Secretary of State Dennis Richardson last week.

“As we gather today at the State Capitol for a state funeral to remember and celebrate the life and service of Secretary of State Dennis Richardson we have also made an important contribution to ensure that the vital work of transparency and oversight started by Secretary Richardson continues, as the voters intended by electing him in 2016.”

The Oregon Republican Executive Committee evaluated a list of interested Republicans and has provided a list of five “nominees” to Governor Brown for appointing a successor that they are confident will fulfill Dennis Richardson’s promise of ensuring fair elections and holding state government financially and managerially accountable.

The following nominees were on the list sent to Governor Brown:

  • Katie Eyre – Former State GOP Representative
  • Bill Kennemer – Former State GOP Senator and Representative
  • Debra Royal – Current Chief of Staff for Secretary of State Richardson
  • Lynn Snodgrass – Former GOP State House Speaker
  • Gene Whisnant – Former State GOP Representative

“The list is a result of a process that is consistent with that used to fill state legislative vacancies.  All five nominees will be able to assure the public that the great team of auditors and staff working under Secretary Richardson will be allowed to continue  their impartial oversight work spotlighting areas needing cost and efficiency improvement in our government agencies.  We urge the Governor to respect the wishes of Oregon’s voters by choosing one of these  nominees.”

The Governor is vested with the constitutional and statutory power to appoint a registered Republican to fulfill the remainder of Richardson’s current term of office.  The Oregon GOP has evaluated qualified nominees for the Governor to choose from, assuring that the appointee is consistent with the original will of voters.

The nominee list was the result of a resolution made public a few days ago by the Oregon Republican Party that called upon Governor Brown to honor the “spirit in which he (Richardson) was elected” and work with the Oregon Republican Party leadership on the appointment.

“Confronting and solving the biggest challenges Oregon faces requires a Secretary of State who will accurately assess how state agencies are performing and supplying the essential information to legislators, policy makers, and the public.  The five Republicans on the list can and will do exactly this – not because it pleases one political party or another, but because it’s good for the entire state.”

“We encourage the public to join us in urging Governor Brown to do what is best for Oregon  and keep Dennis Richardson’s legacy of transparent and accountable government in place for the next two years, and beyond.  We agree with the Oregonian that his legacy should live on.”

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The Oregon Republican Party is the state’s arm of the Republican National Committee. Its Chairman and officers are dedicated to promoting Republican principles within the state of Oregon and to improving the lives and livelihoods of Oregon’s working families through economic freedom and equal protection under the law.


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