Questionable Democrat maneuver strips $108 million from kicker


Questionable Democrat maneuver strips $108 million from kicker

Political shell game will short Oregon taxpayers 

SALEM, Oregon – All House Republicans today voted against HB 2975’s so-called budget program rebalancing bill 응답하라 1988 무료. HB 2975, which passed over bipartisan opposition, is a direct attack on the constitutionally protected kicker, returning dollars to Oregon taxpayers 뚜두뚜두 mp3.

It is another example of the lack of transparency that has plagued the current session. By shifting funds into the next biennium, it removes $108 million from the kicker, money that would have been returned to Oregonians Download Windows Edge. Fully $28 million came from income tax revenue. The delay in transferring funds past May 31, is neither honest nor truthful and represents a political shell game Download the original chrome image.

“The constitution has a process for us to go through to reduce the kicker requiring 40 member votes,” said Rep. Mike McLane (R- Powell Butte) 차일드 44. “We haven’t followed the process.”

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