Democrats Declare War on Workers


Cap and Trade Will Devastate Communities Across Oregon

SALEM, Oregon – Today, Democrats declared war on Oregon’s workers and their families. House Bill 2020, or “Cap and Trade,” will devastate communities across the state of Oregon. It will fundamentally restructure Oregon’s economy by creating a massive, unaccountable government entity known as the “Climate Policy Office,” that will have limitless authority to regulate industries throughout Oregon. The Director of this new Office is appointed by the Governor and only accountable to her, and that person will be the most powerful unelected official in the state.

“This is the most destructive piece of legislation to ever come through the House of Representatives,” said House Republican Leader Rep. Carl Wilson (R-Grants Pass). “Workers will tremendously suffer under Cap and Trade. Thousands of jobs will be lost. Wages will decline, gas prices will climb, and family budgets will be strained. Climate change is a global problem, not an Oregon problem. Oregon’s workers should not be punished for the reckless environmental policies of China and India.”

Cap and Trade will unleash a new wave of cronyism designed to benefit the Democrat supermajority and hollow out Oregon’s industries. It will do virtually nothing to reduce global warming. Instead it will be a wrecking ball to the futures of Oregonians working towards the American Dream. “The supermajority has passed Cap and Trade for the worst reason possible: because they can,” added Leader Wilson. “Cap and Trade is an act of economic vandalism. What transpired today was an abuse of power, and the victim is every Oregonian that works for a living.”


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