TRUMP 2020 Weekly Update – Volume 1

ELECTION 2020 Advice (pass it on) – You can safely IGNORE the FAKE NEWS POLLS for the next year and a half and save yourself a lot of anxiety.  With the exception of one or two polling companies, they ALL got it wrong in 2016.  They all had HiLIARy winning right up until the day before the election.  These are no longer scientific polls just like the fake news is no longer real news.  The polls are created by Liberal pollsters to create a narrative that TRUMP and the Republicans will lose and The Socialist-Democrats will win.  It’s all a BIG lie.  Don’t believe them!  Ignore the polls right up until the election and sleep easier at night. ?

Their only hope of winning is to impeach President TRUMP – spoiler alert – that will backfire on the Democrats bigly:

Remember when…Clinton was unstoppable. “These same geniuses all predicted that Hillary Clinton was unstoppable and inevitable,” said Chris Kofinis, a Democratic pollster.

100,000 TRUMP supporters are expected to show up at the Orlando TRUMP 2020 campaign kickoff rally today:

Democrat congressman, running for POTUS, gets 18 people to attend his “huge” anti-NRA rally:


TRUMP orders ICE to begin the process of immediately removing the millions of illegal aliens who have recently found their way into the USA:

TRUMP’s threats against Mexico are working!


Nobody is THAT stupid…right?

Impeachment?  That’s a great idea:

Somebody is trying to divide and weaken America:

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