Oregon Republicans Stand With State Senators As Walkout Continues – Dems Gone Too Far, Abused Power

Salem, OR –  Today, the Oregon Republican Party issued a statement standing firmly behind the state’s GOP Senators who have walked out of the State Capitol building refusing to grant Democrat leaders the minimum necessary number of Senators needed to conduct business, thus preventing a vote on the disastrous Cap & Tax proposal, House Bill 2020.

“We applaud and fully support Oregon’s Republican Senators on their walkout in protest of this expensive, ineffective, job-killer that is House Bill 2020,” said Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bill Currier.  “The Democrat leadership in Salem have gone too far and abused their power by shutting down the deliberative, bipartisan amendment process and manipulating the state constitution’s emergency legislative powers.  They have effectively prevented those who will be hurt by this egregious taxing scheme from being heard and considered, while denying citizens their right to put the issue to a vote of the people.”

“Governor Kate Brown and her Democrat accomplices in legislative leadership could have worked toward bipartisan compromises, but they chose to alienate Republicans and call the State Police to hunt them down instead.  That doesn’t sound like the tolerant and inclusive Oregon we all know and love,” said Currier.

“Our state is rapidly becoming #UnaffordableOregon for working families as the cost of our bloated and mismanaged state government spirals out of control.  HB 2020 would kill jobs, devastate industries, and cost Oregon families $600 or more a year.  Kate Brown and the Democrat leaders know all of this, but they don’t seem to care.  Oregon Republicans will use every tool and resource at our disposal to speak for our abused and ignored citizens.”

“This walkout isn’t about climate change; it is about changing the political climate in the capitol building so we can have public policy that is beneficial to all of our citizens, not just the special interests set to feed at the trough of the Cap & Tax slush fund.”

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