2019 Session Defined by Overreach


Democrat Supermajority Punishes Working Families

SALEM, Oregon – The 2019 legislative session was an indictment against one party rule. Instead of working with Republicans to pass legislation that would benefit Oregonians throughout the state, the Democrat supermajority decided to make life harder for Oregon’s workers and their families. Oregon is now more unaffordable as a result of what occurred these past months in the Legislature.

“Oregon is on the wrong track,” House Republican Leader Carl Wilson declared. “Governor Brown and the supermajority have made it clear they have every intention of rewarding their campaign donors and tightening their grip on power. They have no intention of looking out for the working people of this state who want nothing more than to feed their families, keep a roof over their heads, and ensure a better future for their children.” 

Despite having record tax revenue, the supermajority colluded with corporations and well-connected special interests to ram through a $2.8 billion hidden sales tax that will be paid by low-income Oregonians and families living paycheck to paycheck.  House Democrats then voted to implement Cap and Trade, which would’ve devasted communities, forced businesses to relocate, and ended thousands of jobs across Oregon.

“The failure of Cap and Trade was a turning point. The thousands of workers that came to the Capitol this past week sent a clear message to the supermajority that enough is enough,” Rep. Wilson added. “House Republicans stand with working families, even if the Democrat supermajority won’t. We provided common sense solutions that would’ve made it easier for people to get ahead, but the supermajority refused to consider such legislation. When Republicans regain the majority, we will advance an agenda that supports working families and makes Oregon a more affordable place to work and live.”

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