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The Republican US Senate has confirmed over 180 Conservative judges to the Federal bench:

The stock market ends on record highs TODAY:

5.8 Million households are off food stamps under TRUMP:

Black unemployment drops to the lowest level EVER:

A RECORD 158 ½ Million Americans were employed in October:

A majority of voters predict TRUMP will win re-election:

Moody’s election models predict a TRUMP landslide in 2020:

70% of voters believe in the “America First” agenda of Donald J TRUMP:

TRUMP has a higher approval rating NOW, in the swing-states, than he did in 2016:

MEANWHILE in Liberal-Land the Delusional Democrats continue to live in their fantasy bubble:

HiLIARy is back:

The BETO campaign is officially ended:

The sinking Democrat impeachment attempt:

The KAMALA campaign is also officially dying out:

NOBODY is THAT Stupid:

Medicare for ALL Download the unregistered video on YouTube!

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