Good News – IMPEACHMENT (isn’t going anywhere)

Here is a piece of news you won’t hear on the Fake news at MSDNC (MSNBC): The DNC is flat broke Download Good People 5 times! Here: AND here:

Democrats are losing the impeachment war, THEY started:

The phony impeachment hearing is distracting voters from the Democrat POTUS candidates:

Republicans target vulnerable Democrats in Districts where TRUMP won in 2016:

The TRUMP campaign is raking in millions during the phony impeachment hearings:


TRUMP and Senate Republicans are quietly creating GOP majority courts:

Republicans in the US senate will have confirmed a record 182 federal judges by the end of the year:

Best News – It’s THE ECONOMY…stupid (Democrats)

DOW 28000 Download the movie air conditioning!

4-week winning streak:

This is now the BEST bull market ever:

Stocks rise to record highs during impeachment hearings joke:


The Democrats keep throwing something at TRUMP…anything…to see if it sticks:

Medicare for ALL ☹:

Democrat debate last night:

Go WARREN coupon design!


Go BIDEN 초콜렛 도넛! 😐:


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