Hong Kong Protestors sing American National Anthem and wave American Flag (if only some Americans were so patriotic!):

TRUMP has played CHINA Brilliantly:

Newsweek (I thought they were out of business) runs FAKE Thanksgiving headline about TRUMP: He was actually in Afghanistan with the TROOPS 영화 리틀포레스트!


The NEW World:

Impeach Congress 그래비티 폴즈 다운로드?

Confidence in TRUMP Economy hits Highest Level Ever:

TRUMP 2020 Running Mate:

Democrat’s Worst Nightmare – Losing Black Voters to TRUMP:

TRUMP Donates 3rd Quarter Salary:

DOW Scores 100th Record Close under TRUMP:

America’s First Black Billionaire says No Democrat can Beat TRUMP here: AND here:

TRUMP 2020 크롬 프레임!

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