Good News Update


DEMOCRATS …still OLD (Bernie) and WHITE (Biden).  But there are no longer 19 dwarfs…there are only about 10: Radical Leftists, Liars and Hypocrites, Booker, Castro, de Blasio, Gillibrand, Harris, O’Rourke, and Swalwell ran out of other people’s money and dropped out.  That’s the problem with Socialism…you run out of other people’s money Download kakaotalk computer!

GOOD News versus what you hear on the Fake News

Food stamp enrollment has undergone a significant decline under TRUMP here:


US consumer confidence hits highest level since 2000:

TRUMP most religion-friendly POTUS:

Homebuilding soars to 13-year high:

The Democrats and Fake News “experts” almost always get the story WRONG:

TRUMP approval among farmers strongest yet:

Goldman Sachs clients fully expect TRUMP to win re-election:

Even Democrats and Independents support TRUMP for re-election:

Pelosi and Obamacare revisited:

What Bernie should have said at the debate:

The Nancy Pelosi Pen:

TRUMP 2020 안드로이드 sqlite!  Keep America Great!  Pass it on!

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