Here Come the Democrat Frontrunners

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NEW DEMOCRAT FRONTRUNNER Quid-Pro-Quo Joe 30330.  Watch the Democrats decide to use him as a useless figurehead and build a takeover team around him to prop him up.  They just want to win the White House back at all costs.  They don’t care who the puppet is that sits in the oval office.  He will become their useful idiot and the deep-state will make a raging comeback behind the scenes…and he will let them…if we let him become POTUS.  We seriously do not want this man sitting behind the Resolute Desk in the oval office.  He can’t even remember what state he is in or who he is talking to King Arthur.

Biden forgets what show he is on:

One nation under “the Thing”

Interesting that …the supposedly tolerant, racially divisive, race-baiting new democrat party is still being led by a couple of Old and White guys:

Bloomberg takeover fail:

Feeling the Bern:

Bernie campaign plane:


Democrat Big-Government Solutions:

Russia helping Bernie here: AND here:

Medicare for ALL:

This is the Best the Democrats can do?  350 million people in the USA and these two geriatric guys are the best and the brightest the Democrats have to offer?  It’s just weird 물리 트래커!

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