March 11, 2020 Daily Clips

Oregon climate change: Governor signs executive order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The Oregonian

With Republicans determined to block any movement on climate change in the Legislature, Gov. Kate Brown, as promised last year, decided to outflank them with a far-reaching use of her executive powers to achieve the same goals on a different path.

With coronavirus spreading in Oregon, how will it shape state politics?

The Oregonian

When Gov. Kate Brown signed an executive order to cap greenhouse gas emissions at the Capitol Tuesday, she was surrounded by roughly 20 young climate activists.

It was a scene that has already been phased out to the north in Washington, where Gov. Jay Inslee’s administration announced Monday the governor would no longer hold public bill signing ceremonies.

Oregon Looks Like the West Coast State Least Aggressively Grappling With COVID-19

Willamette Week

Oregon is geographically caught between two hotbeds of the virus: California and Washington, which rank first and second, respectively, for the most COVID-19 cases. But in terms of both funding and testing, Oregon lags behind its neighbors.

1st Case Of Novel Coronavirus Reported In Multnomah County, 15 Total Oregon Cases


The Oregon Health Authority announced Multnomah County’s first presumptive case of the novel coronavirus Tuesday.

Testing Limitations May Conceal Coronavirus Spread In Oregon


Until Saturday morning, Oregon’s number of cases of novel coronavirus had held steady at three. But that didn’t mean the virus had stopped spreading. The Oregon Health Authority announced four new cases Saturday morning, more than doubling the state total.

Oregon limits visitors to long-term care facilities to protect residents from coronavirus

The Oregonian

Oregon officials announced several new emergency policies aimed at protecting residents at long-term care facilities from coronavirus, including limiting and screening visitors, documenting who has visited and reducing residents’ community outings.

A Longtime Portlander Seeks to Ride President Trump’s Coattails Into a Rural Congressional Seat

Willamette Week

On Jan. 13, Jimmy Crumpacker released a video launching his campaign for the Republican nomination in Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District, which encompasses most of the state east of the Cascades.

The matches are set for secretary of state, Oregon legislative races

Oregon Capital Bureau

With a contentious end to the past two legislative sessions over a bill to reduce carbon emissions and longtime political players vying for secretary of state, 2020 is expected to be an exciting year for those tuned into Oregon’s politics.

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