March 25, 2020 Daily Clips

Murmurs: Domestic Violence Allegation Leveled at Lawmaker

Willamette Week

Andrea Valderrama, chair of the David Douglas School Board and a 2018 Portland City Council candidate, obtained a restraining order earlier this month against state Rep. Diego Hernandez (D-East Portland).

Coronavirus News

Oregon’s Legislature Knows They Have Big Problems, But Answers Are Unclear


Oregon lawmakers are getting closer to the first of what many believe could be several special legislative sessions this year, as the state grapples with the spread of the coronavirus.

Live Updates: 209 Known Coronavirus Cases In Oregon


Oregon has 209 known cases of the novel coronavirus as of Wednesday morning, according to the Oregon Health Authority.

Mapping the coronavirus in Oregon: How many hospital beds does each county have?

The Oregonian

Change is rapid amid the coronavirus outbreak, and for state officials and public health experts, every day is a race against the disease. Infections are spreading quickly, and experts predict that tens of thousands of Oregonians may become ill. The sickest patients may far outnumber available hospital beds.

Oregon Seniors, Families Adjust As Care Facility Access Remains Limited


Long-term care facilities like retirement and assisted living homes house people who are some of the most vulnerable to the coronavirus. As homes across the state take steps to restrict visitors and limit their residents’ chances of coming in contact with the virus, seniors are adjusting to a reality of highly restricted contact with the outside world.

Oregon childcare providers must prioritize essential workers or close, state says

Salem Reporter

Childcare facilities and preschools in Oregon serving hundreds of area children must close their doors by Wednesday, March 25, unless they give priority to serving essential workers.

Coronavirus Restaurant Closures Upend Oregon Seafood Industry


Oregon’s seafood industry is losing a major market as restaurant dining rooms across the country close to reduce the spread of the new coronavirus.

Agencies Adapt To Keep First Responders Healthy Amid Coronavirus Outbreak


As the outbreak grows, so does the danger to Oregon’s first responders. In the coming weeks, paramedics, police officers and firefighters will be asked to not only continue on with their pre-pandemic role, but many will have to take on the added risk of transporting infectious patients to the hospital.

Nike joins effort to make more protective gear for doctors, nurses in COVID-19 fight

The Oregonian

As an expected surge of COVID-19 patients approaches, hospitals in the Portland area continue their desperate attempts to secure more personal protective equipment for its employees.

Oregon workers can report businesses’ ‘stay home’ coronavirus violations to the state

The Oregonian

Oregon established a mechanism Tuesday for employees to report instances when businesses aren’t following health advisories for maintaining a safe environment amid the coronavirus outbreak.


No cure for Kate Brown’s chronic tentativeness: Steve Duin column

The Oregonian

On a weekend that demanded unflinching, proactive leadership, Oregon once again settled for Gov. Kate Brown.

Editorial: State needs to be a stronger partner with public in coronavirus fight

The Oregonian

Even in a crisis, shutting down the economy should never be an easy decision if there are reasonable alternatives. Unfortunately, Oregonians were either unable or unwilling to embrace the reasonable alternative. Rather than stay home last weekend, many flooded coastal towns and beaches, flouted social distancing guidelines and showed little concern for local communities’ worries about protecting their residents from the spread of the novel coronavirus.

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