All hands on deck…we must win this election!

Builders are averaging a mile of new wall per day, according to Army Corps of Engineers.  The wall goes up…illegal crossings and related crime go down…it’s magic doll's thread!

Somebody PLEASE teach our children American history, before it’s too late Download mac hangul fonts!

The recent TRUMP rally, in Oklahoma, had a record-setting audience on TV:

TRUMP’s birthday marks single best online fundraising day ever:

We should defund something…right You want to? How about crime:

TRUMP appoints Mike Lindell (the My Pillow guy) to Make Minnesota Great Again:

The TRUMP recovery is ahead of schedule:

The Biden 2020 campaign…DO NOTHING Download galaxy videos!

Sleepless in Seattle:

You can do your part to help elect Conservative Republicans to the Oregon legislature and to local public office by donating to the Americans for Liberty PAC Premier 2019.  MAIL YOUR DONATION TODAY to the address listed below. Pass it on!

Americans for Liberty PAC

Upholding the Constitution in the Tradition of our Founding Fathers

Executive Director Lanny Hildebrandt

1615 4th Street

La Grande, OR  97850

(541) 963-7930

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