TRUMP is Losing to Biden Big Time

FAKE NEWS!  The lying, stealing, cheating Democrats in the media and the polling firms are trying to make it look like TRUMP is incredibly unpopular and is losing to Biden big time.  It is a false narrative!  Don’t believe it 조선왕조실록 원문.

Biden is losing support among black voters.  According to Zogby (a Liberal polling firm), TRUMP has the support of 14% of black voters.  This is amazing, if true.  He only got 8% of the black vote in 2016:

Remember that incumbents usually win.  They just do:—p–n2572320?utm_source=schlichterdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&bcid=a6b8ed771742fc4676ff8839fad1bc4c&pid=00503df1-a458-4e18-b116-5cc6f65a0068

Professor who was one of the few people to predict a TRUMP win in 2016, is predicting another “big” TRUMP win in 2020:

Son of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, George P 모드 오거나이저 2 다운로드. Bush, is a TRUMP supporter…who knew?

Majority agree that TRUMP will beat Biden:

TRUMP can absolutely win in 2020:

The current polls mean absolutely nothing!  Remember that HiLIARy was ahead in these same lying polls by 14 points, two weeks before the last election, in 2016:

Even Utah voters, are leaving Romney and supporting TRUMP:

If the election were held today, TRUMP would beat Biden by a lot:

There’s really only one way the Socialist-Democrats can win in 2020…you guessed it…by CHEATING:

So…stop listening to the fake news…take a chill pill…but work like we are behind in the polls.  Re-elect Donald J Africa TV. TRUMP POTUS on November 3rd!

Stand and fight for what we believe in. We do that not with violence but with our voices, our votes — and our money Download the movie eater. Stand up for our founding principles; call out and vote out those who don’t.

You can do your part to help elect Conservative Republicans to the Oregon legislature and to local public office by donating to the Americans for Liberty PAC IStation t9 firmware.  MAIL YOUR DONATION TODAY to the address listed below. Pass it on!

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