Lying Media Democrats and Fake Polls…

“The Rasmussen poll—one of the only regular polls consistently accurate in 2016 and one that tends to lead fluctuations in the current polling—has recorded a six-point gain for President Trump in the past 10 days” HERE: and HERE:

Tucker Carlson’s Top Ratings a Good Sign for Trump:

“We have a better team, better voter information, a better ground game, better fundraising, and most importantly, a better candidate with a better record,” Stepien released in a statement 그게나야 다운로드. “With 109 days left, our goal is clear – to win each day we have left until election day. If we win more days than Joe Biden wins, President Trump will be re-elected.”

there are those 63 million voters—perhaps it will be 66 or 68 million this time.

We are in the midst of a full-blown culture war 살파랑. One that will decide what our America looks like for generations to come. It is time for conservatives to recognize the stakes and prevent Democrats from taking the last thing that stands in their way – the White House ms toolkit 2.6.7 다운로드.

LONG LIVE MT Download The Twilight Movie. RUSHMORE and POTUS Donald J. TRUMP:

TRUMP endorsed by the NRA:

Prominent life-long Democrat Black civil-rights leader leaves the Democrat Party:

TRUMP supporters hold boat parade near Statue of Liberty (I’m surprised the Socialist-Democrats haven’t tried to tear it down):

A TRUMP victory in 2020 could help Republicans take back the House:

If The USA is Racist, Why Does Everyone Move Here 파인드 라이브 트립 컴퓨터?



What does BLM stand for?

What color are we?

Defund public education:

Defund criminals:

Defund Democrats:

Biden bullying black voters:

YOU can make a difference – Donate your $, Put up a sign, Display a bumper sticker, write a letter, get informed and get involved – it ALL counts!  And, above all…VOTE on November 3rd.

Stand and fight for what we believe in. We do that not with violence but with our voices, our votes — and our money. Stand up for our founding principles; call out and vote out those who don’t.

You can do your part to help elect Conservative Republicans to the Oregon legislature and to local public office by donating to the Americans for Liberty PAC.  MAIL YOUR DONATION TODAY to the address listed below. Pass it on!

Americans for Liberty PAC

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