I am currently attempting to assess the demand for TRUMP/PENCE, or TRUMP 2020, yard signs, field signs, flags and bumper stickers.  If there is enough demand, I will mount a campaign to get them here and get them distributed in Union County 대어부시대.

Please respond to the following questions:

  • Would you personally like to obtain a yard sign?
  • Would you personally like to obtain a field sign 토르로?
  • Would you personally like a bumper sticker?
  • Would you personally like to display a TRUMP 2020 flag?
  • Do you know anybody else who would, or has anyone else expressed, to you, an interest in obtaining any of these items 올쉐어?

Please forward this to your Conservative friends!  Also, please ask around, to your Conservative friends and let me know if there is any demand out there.  And, please let me know ASAP.  The election is only 3 months away 프레지 무료!

Lanny Hildebrandt

Stand and fight for what we believe in. We do that not with violence but with our voices, our votes — and our money 실시간 스트리밍. Stand up for our founding principles; call out and vote out those who don’t.

You can do your part to help elect Conservative Republicans to the Oregon legislature and to local public office by donating to the Americans for Liberty PAC.  MAIL YOUR DONATION TODAY to the address listed below. Pass it on!

Americans for Liberty PAC

Upholding the Constitution in the Tradition of our Founding Fathers

Executive Director Lanny Hildebrandt

1615 4th Street

La Grande, OR  97850

(541) 963-7930

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