Union County Republicans Endorsements 2021

Ballots for Special District and School Board elections will be mailed out on April 28, 2021. DON’T THROW AWAY YOUR BALLOTS!

“School and special district elections are far less glamorous than races for commissioner and Congress, but they are critical contests for the responsible management of local infrastructure,” says Union County Republicans Chair Alex McHaddad. “When you get your ballot in the mail, don’t throw it away. Take a good look at all of the candidates, and make sure you contact them to learn more about their platforms.

Union County Republicans recommends voting for conservative candidates, including the following verified Republicans:

  • Cove School Board #3: John Frisch
  • Elgin School Board
    • #3: Chuck Anderson
    • #5 Lara Moore
  • Imbler School Board
    • #3: Tim Phelps. Tim Phelps is endorsed by Union County Republicans.
    • #4: Pam Glenn
    • #5: Jason Beck and Lavar Bowles (Both Republicans, voters may only choose one for this seat). Jason Beck is endorsed by Union County Republicans.
  • Cove Cemetery
    • #2: Andrea Asmussen
    • #3: Darcy Johnson Carreiro
  • Elgin Cemetery: Nancy Noell
  • La Grande Cemetery
    • Gary Bieberdorf
    • John Craig
  • North Powder Cemetery
    • John Frieboes
    • Erin Thompson
  • Summerville Cemetery: Carrie Bingaman
  • Elgin Health
    • #3: Elaine La Rochelle
    • #6: Darryl Hawes
  • South County Health District
    • #1: Mary Brookshire
    • #2: Fred Hawkins
    • #5: Debbie Clark
  • Elgin Rural Fire #4: Douglas Durfee
  • Imbler Rural Fire
    • #1: David Glover
    • #4: Randy Glenn
  • La Grande Rural Fire
    • #1: Nathan Weishaar
    • #2: Bretton Rudd and Lou Gerber. Bretton Rudd is endorsed by Union County Republicans.
    • #4: Devin Cornford
  • North Powder Rural Fire #3: Lance Siddoway
  • Union Rural Fire
    • #3: Tim Sheehy
    • #4: Sam Baker
    • #5: David Gordon
  • Inter-Mountain Education Service District
    • Merle Comfort

Posted: UCRCC Chair Alex McHaddad

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