Sign the Citizen’s Letter To Governor Kate Brown!

La Grande Residents Can Sign At Nature’s Pantry

Union County residents tired of heavy handed edicts from Salem are invited to sign a letter to Governor Kate Brown saying that we support our elected officials, asking her to end COVID-19 mandates and turn local public health matters back to Union County. La Grande residents can sign at Nature’s Pantry.

Dear Governor Kate Brown,

As citizens of Union County, Oregon, we are proud of our home and heritage. We have stood by one another throughout the era of COVID-19, and we stand with our elected officials as they guide us through the treacherous waters of unlawful edicts declared in the name of public safety. Because Democratic Party officials continue to promote policies deaf to our concerns and in opposition to our needs, Union County has only voted for a Gubernatorial candidate of your party once since the 1980’s.

We trust Sheriff Cody Bowen, and we urge you to read his letter dated August 13, 2021. Sheriff Bowen makes clear in his letter that as the highest local law enforcement authority in our community, he, “took an oath to uphold the Constitution and stand up and defend the people of this beautiful county we call home.” We agree with his assertion that, “We have the God given right to freedom and the God given right to choose what is best for ourselves and our children. Let us do so.”

Governor Brown, your heavy-handed unilateral edicts overruling the place of physicians in advising families of their healthcare choices is causing a public health emergency on its own. Our County Commissioners, each elected with over 60% of the popular vote, have repeatedly asked for local control and provided input on state policy that has been ignored with detrimental impacts on our economy. One size fits all policies designed to poll well in Portland do not work in Union County, and it is imperative that you listen to the leaders chosen by a majority of voters in our community when making decisions with such extreme local consequences. Instead, you have enacted policies that have devastated the lives and livelihoods of our neighbors. Statewide imposition of these mandates in contradiction to local concerns is illegitimate after four elections in which you and your predecessor won a majority of votes in only seven out of 36 counties.

We support our Sheriff and our County Commissioners who are honoring the oaths they took to uphold the Oregon Constitution and the Constitution of the United States. Your administration has been defined by disregard for your oath of office, and we have watched you regularly undermine the rights enshrined in Article I of the Oregon Constitution protecting religious liberties, parental rights, medical freedom, the right to bear arms, the right to be secure in one’s person, and the freedom and safety of our own children. Your frequent overreach into matters of individual health, freedom of conscience, and constitutionally protected rights have set dangerous precedents which we will not tolerate.

We, the undersigned citizens of Union County, demand that you immediately withdraw all COVID-19 health mandates and return power back to where it belongs, with the people and local authorities of Union County as the local public health authority.


Citizens of Union County, Oregon

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