Did Oregonians Vote for That?


By Rep. E Werner Reschke and Rep. Carl Wilson

As the legislature enters the final week of the 2019 session, Senate Republicans have left the State Capitol in protest of many things. Their absence means many policy & budget bills remain unpassed. However, a continuing resolution, passed and signed before Senate Republicans left, will keep state government humming along for at least the next 3 months.

At the center of the Senate Republican protest is House Bill 2020, a Cap & Trade mechanism on carbon emissions. Republicans in both chambers have argued this bill will decimate Oregonians who live outside of Portland. Under HB 2020 gasoline prices are expected to jump 22¢/gallon to begin with and go up significantly from there. Heating by natural gas is also expected to take a major leap in price, causing average working families significant stress on their personal finances. All of this to lower Oregon’s carbon emissions to a level deemed acceptable by the extreme environmental intelligentsia.

HB 2020 was really the straw that broke the camel’s back. But there is a far more fundamental reason for the Senate Republican absence from the State Capitol and that has to do with the strong-arming Democrat leadership who have a super majority in both House and Senate as well as control the Governor’s office. This absolute control on the legislative process has meant that Democrat leadership could do whatever they want, and indeed they have. Republican Members have argued all session long they have been shut out from any meaningful input on almost every single policy shift from historic norms — many put in place by the citizen initiative process. It is this unwillingness of Democrats to allow Oregonians a direct voice on Cap and Trade, but also the new sales taxes found in HB 3427, overturning Measure 88 (granting undocumented people driver’s cards) and special deals for special interests in tax exemption status — all major policy changes, being passed by Democrat super majorities without Republican support, and more importantly, without a vote from the people. It is this blatant disregard for Oregon’s working families that is at the heart of the Senate Republican walk out.

If you asked the average Democrat in Oregon if this is the agenda they approved when they voted in 2018 I bet they would say “no.” Many Democrats are realizing their local party in Oregon now reflects Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez far more than Barbara Roberts. Oregonians have a built-in pioneering spirit, which values both entrepreneurism and the environment. But when the pendulum swings too far in one direction, Oregon voters usually snap it back. I believe we can safeguard our environment without having to kill our natural resource economy and dramatically raise the cost of living for everyone else. Oregonians did not vote for Salem to usurp more control and create a more intrusive role in daily lives of Oregonian, but rather for State Government to be more accountable and transparent to the voters.

So far those in the super majority aren’t hearing that message.

# # #

E. Werner Reschke, of Klamath Falls, represents House District 56 and Carl Wilson, of Grants Pass, represents House District 3 and is the House Republican Leader.

June 24, 2019 Daily Clips


Oregon GOP state senators again fail to show up for legislative session amid climate bill protest


The Oregon state senate quickly adjourned Sunday because the Republican senators who staged a walkout last week over a climate bill didn’t show up to the session, according to the state legislature’s website. Senate President Peter Courtney, a Democrat, adjourned the session without a quorum until Monday at 10 a.m. PTD after the state’s 11 GOP senators failed to appear, CNN affiliate KOIN reports. “Again, I ask the senators that are not here to please if you would come to the building, and we have budgets we need to pass that are for all of Oregon,” Courtney said before adjourning. The Republicans walked out of a session on Thursday over disagreements on HB 2020, a cap and trade climate bill, that had passed the state House on Monday. They then failed to appear later Thursday for floor proceedings. Their absence left the legislative body two senators short of a quorum, blocking the chamber’s proceedings.

Oregon Republicans walk out on state Senate over climate change bill as governor threatens police roundup


Republican state senators in Oregon continued to engage in a high-stakes game of brinksmanship over the weekend with Democratic lawmakers, remaining away from the capitol and threatening a lawsuit over a $500-per-day fine from the Senate president. At the center of the debate is a climate change bill. Eleven Republican senators fled the Legislature — and in some cases, the state — to thwart the passage of a cap-and-trade proposal that would dramatically lower greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The minority GOP caucus wants the plan to be sent to voters instead of being instituted by lawmakers — but negotiations with Democrats collapsed, leading to a headline-grabbing walkout.

Oregon GOP militia tweet draws response from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, others


As Oregon Senate Republicans continued to boycott the Legislature Sunday in an attempt to block a vote on House Bill 2020, a climate change bill, things got testy on Twitter. The dust up started on Saturday evening when the official Twitter account of the Oregon GOP tweeted out a picture of protesters at the capitol with the caption, “Heavily armed militia lays siege to Oregon’s Capitol as Senate Democrats cower in fear.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) offered a three-part response. “#1: These are people protesting peacefully – hence their POSTERS & not FIREARMS,” she tweeted. “#2: Why do you call some who threaten violent attack a ‘militia’ vs others ‘domestic terrorists?’🤔 #3: This a very dramatic way to deal with your Sunday Scaries.”

Oregon Senate Republicans are a no-show at Sunday floor session


Oregon Senate Republicans continued their boycott of the Legislature during a floor session Sunday. “We’re not gonna get a quorum,” Senate President Peter Courtney, D-Salem, said, before gaveling out until 10 a.m. Monday. “We have 18,” Courtney said, referring to the Democrats assembled on the Senate floor, some wearing jeans and other casual clothes. “Everybody knows we need two more.” Democrats need a quorum of 20 members to conduct business. Republicans walked out of the Capitol last week to block a scheduled vote on a controversial climate change bill, House Bill 2020, which would put a cap on greenhouse gas emissions in the state.

Senate gavels in, gavels out Sunday as protesters gather after militia threats

Statesman Journal

The Oregon Senate was unable to reach a quorum during their brief floor session Sunday morning as Republican senators continued their unexcused absence from the Capitol. Democratic senators said Republicans have not returned their calls and even top lawmakers don’t know where negotiations stand to bring Republicans back into the building. “We don’t have any indication that they have plans to return at this point,” Senate Democratic Leader Ginny Burdick, D-Portland, said. “Tomorrow is an actual work day and they need to come back to work.”

‘They deserted Oregonians’: Protest calling for GOP senators to return to Salem planned for Tuesday


As a walkout by Oregon GOP senators in objection to a cap-and-trade bill continues in Salem, a protest calling for their return to the capitol is planned for Tuesday.  The “Rally to get Republican Senators back to work at the Oregon State Capitol” is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. “I’m pretty upset about it, I think that this is really hurting Oregonians,” said Reyna Lopez, the executive director for Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste, or PCUN, the Oregon’s Farmworker Union.

Logjam Continues at Oregon Capitol, But Militia Threat Fails to Materialize

Willamette Week

The Oregon Legislature remained at an uneasy standstill Sunday with Republicans blocking a carbon cap-and-trade bill, even as national observers sensationalized the impasse. Senate Republicans have refused to provide Democrats a quorum since Thursday, and have been hiding out of state to keep Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat, from retrieving them. Republicans seek to halt the passage of House Bill 2020, which would place a cap on carbon emissions. Senate President Peter Courtney (D-Salem) cancelled a floor session Saturday after the Oregon State Police received a threat of right-wing militia actions at the Capitol. (An OSP captain confirmed the threat to Oregon Public Broadcasting on Friday night.) Those anti-government groups may have been emboldened by a Republican senator threatening to shoot and kill state troopers sent to fetch him.


Massive DHS data breach raises questions about Oregon’s cybersecurity protocols


A January data breach at the Department of Human Services exposed the confidential information of an eye-popping 645,000 Oregonians. Those people whose personal data was compromised were left with many questions. But the massive breach raised an even bigger question for everyone else: What are state officials doing to protect the information stored on government computers about virtually everyone in Oregon? State officials say they are working to address the problem, in particular with a new agency that provides data tracking and training, among other cybersecurity initiatives. Yet despite that work — and procedures in place within individual agencies — the security lapses continue.

U.S. Rep Earl Blumenauer Will Face a Democratic Primary Challenge in 2020

Willamette Week

Albert Lee and Charles Rand Barnett will challenge U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Oregon) in the 2020 Democratic primary for Oregon’s 3rd Congressional District, which stretches from Mount Hood to the West Hills of Portland. Lee, 44, is the dean of Portland Community College’s Business and Computing division and the secretary of the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon’s board of directors. He’s also affiliated with the city’s Independent Police Review, Jo Ann Hardesty’s campaign and Health Care for All Oregon, among others.

Oregon Legislature repeals tsunami zone building law

Statesman Journal

The Oregon Legislature has repealed a nearly 25-year-old law prohibiting new schools, hospitals, jails, and police and fire stations from being built in the state’s tsunami inundation zone. Coastal legislators, who pushed the bill, say the risks of a natural disaster must be weighed against an actual economic disaster already unfolding because of the statute. Without new emergency services buildings, coastal residents and businesses will not be able to get property insurance, Rep. David Gomberg, D-Otis said. Without new schools, property values will fall. “We regard this as having extreme and significant consequences,” Gomberg said.

Bill to allow easier access to cold, allergy medicines fails fourth year in a row

Statesman Journal

Rep. Bill Post, R-Keizer, has tried four times to bring back over-the-counter purchases of pseudoephedrine in Oregon, but each year the legislation has died. This year it made it through the House, the best showing so far. But not good enough. Post is advocating for a system that tracks sales of the popular decongestant, rather than requiring prescriptions. “It’s a bullet proof system,” said Post. “It works in 37 states. Why not here?”  But, after moving though the House 33-22, the bill reached significant privacy and safety concerns in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Oregon Republicans Stand With State Senators As Walkout Continues – Dems Gone Too Far, Abused Power

Salem, OR –  Today, the Oregon Republican Party issued a statement standing firmly behind the state’s GOP Senators who have walked out of the State Capitol building refusing to grant Democrat leaders the minimum necessary number of Senators needed to conduct business, thus preventing a vote on the disastrous Cap & Tax proposal, House Bill 2020.

“We applaud and fully support Oregon’s Republican Senators on their walkout in protest of this expensive, ineffective, job-killer that is House Bill 2020,” said Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bill Currier.  “The Democrat leadership in Salem have gone too far and abused their power by shutting down the deliberative, bipartisan amendment process and manipulating the state constitution’s emergency legislative powers.  They have effectively prevented those who will be hurt by this egregious taxing scheme from being heard and considered, while denying citizens their right to put the issue to a vote of the people.”

“Governor Kate Brown and her Democrat accomplices in legislative leadership could have worked toward bipartisan compromises, but they chose to alienate Republicans and call the State Police to hunt them down instead.  That doesn’t sound like the tolerant and inclusive Oregon we all know and love,” said Currier.

“Our state is rapidly becoming #UnaffordableOregon for working families as the cost of our bloated and mismanaged state government spirals out of control.  HB 2020 would kill jobs, devastate industries, and cost Oregon families $600 or more a year.  Kate Brown and the Democrat leaders know all of this, but they don’t seem to care.  Oregon Republicans will use every tool and resource at our disposal to speak for our abused and ignored citizens.”

“This walkout isn’t about climate change; it is about changing the political climate in the capitol building so we can have public policy that is beneficial to all of our citizens, not just the special interests set to feed at the trough of the Cap & Tax slush fund.”

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June 21, 2019 Daily Clips


Senate Republican walkout: What do they want?


Senate Republicans apparently feel no compunction to provide Democrats with a quorum so they can pass a piece of legislation Republicans contend will be disastrous for their constituents. The minority-party line is that the state’s complex and controversial carbon cap and trade scheme was developed largely without bipartisan compromise. The say it’s a gift to “Multnomah County progressives” who — once again — show no regard for the state’s rural residents or the economically vulnerable industries they continue to rely on.

Oregon governor sends out state police to find GOP lawmakers skipping climate vote

Fox News

Republican lawmakers in Oregon are in hot water after they refused to partake in a historic vote Thursday to implement a cap-and-trade program to help rein in industrial carbon emissions. Gov. Kate Brown authorized the state police to round up the 12 Republicans who walked out of the Capitol in protest of the bill and bring them back to the Senate floor for a vote. If passed the measure will make Oregon the second state in the country after California to implement such a program.

Oregon sends police to bring back Republicans who left state over climate bill


Oregon Democratic Gov. Kate Brown on Thursday authorized state police to locate Senate Republicans and bring them back to the state Capitol after some left the state to block the chamber’s proceedings. After more than eight hours of fruitless negotiations late into Wednesday night, Republican state senators in Oregon walked out of a session on Thursday over disagreements on HB 2020, a cap and trade climate bill. All 11 GOP senators failed to appear later Thursday for floor proceedings, leaving the legislative body two senators short of a quorum, according to Kate Kondayen, a spokeswoman for Brown. At least some of the senators have left the state, according to a statement from the Oregon Senate Republicans, and the wife of one of them says they are all in Idaho at an undisclosed location.

GOP lawmakers skipped town to avoid a climate change vote. Then the governor called the police.

Washington Post

Outside the Oregon State Capitol, small groups of protesters jockeyed for position. There were loggers who opposed the cap-and-trade bill up for a vote that morning. And there were young climate activists who said the legislation was vital to preserving the world they would soon inherit. But there were a few crucial components missing from the political drama unfolding in Salem on Thursday. Namely, the lawmakers. Inside the statehouse, the Senate chambers were conspicuously quiet. As the clerk called roll, a third of the room’s seats were empty. The Republicans, facing down a Democratic supermajority bent on passing bills to combat climate change, resorted to some last-ditch political arithmetic: no senators, no votes.

Governor sends police after GOP senators who fled Capitol

Associated Press

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown deployed the state police Thursday to try to round up Republican lawmakers who fled the Capitol to block a vote on a landmark economy-wide climate plan that would be the second of its kind in the nation. Minority Republicans want the cap-and-trade proposal, which is aimed at dramatically lowering the state’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, to be sent to voters instead of being instituted by lawmakers — but negotiations with Democrats collapsed, leading to the walkout, Kate Gillem, a spokeswoman for Senate Republicans said Thursday.

More Coverage:

Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney speech: Pleads for Republicans’ return to Capitol

Statesman Journal

Oregon governor sends police to find missing Republicans, bring them to Capitol


Oregon Republicans go missing to avoid climate change vote; governor sends police to find them

CBS News

Oregon governor sends police after GOP senators who fled Capitol to halt climate plan

LA Times

Republican lawmaker suggests he would shoot state troopers if sent to get him for climate vote

The Hill

Oregon’s Republican senators flee capitol to delay vote on emissions reduction plan

The Guardian

Gov. Brown authorizes Oregon State Police to round up walkout GOP senators



House OKs bill that would put tobacco, vaping tax up to voters

Statesman Journal

A contentious tobacco tax proposal narrowly cleared the two-thirds majority hurdle in the Oregon House before it heads to the Senate, and if successful there, to the ballot in November 2020.  The legislation would raise cigarette taxes from $1.33 per pack to $3.33, raise a 50 cent tax cap on cigars to $1 and establish Oregon’s first-ever tax on “gateway tobacco” products like e-cigarettes and vaping. With the recent surge of vaping in adolescents, House Bill 2270 aims to curb what looks like a whole new generation that could be addicted to nicotine. In the past year, use of e-cigarettes increased 78% in high schoolers and 48% in middle schoolers nationwide.

Oregon House Approves Paid Family Medical Leave

Oregon Public Broadcasting

Oregon lawmakers approved a bill on Thursday that would create a statewide family and medical leave insurance fund. The bill passed the House on a 43 to 15 vote. It now heads to the Senate, where the fate of all bills are uncertain amid an ongoing protest by Senate Republicans who have left the building. The paid-leave bill would allow Oregon workers up to 12 weeks away from work for family leave, medical leave or to address a domestic violence situation. Currently, most workers in Oregon are protected only under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act, which allows for 12 weeks without pay.

Bill taking issue of non-unanimous jury law to voters passes in House

Statesman Journal

An effort to bring the state’s non-unanimous jury system to voters gained momentum Thursday as the Oregon House of Representatives passed House Joint Resolution 10. Oregon is the only state where not all 12 jurors need to find a defendant guilty in order to convict in rape, manslaughter, attempted murder and other criminal trials. The resolution passed unanimously in the House with three representatives excused and one absent. It now heads to the Senate. The resolution, along with House Bill 2615, aims to take this issue of non-unanimous juries to the voters by having them vote on the issue in the 2020 election.

Oregon House unanimously moves to scrap state’s nonunanimous jury system


The Oregon House on Thursday approved a measure that would ask voters to overturn the state’s decades-long practice of allowing split juries to convict felony defendants, an anomaly within the American criminal justice system that reform advocates have targeted as deeply flawed and racist. House Joint Resolution 10 sailed through the lower chamber, 56-0, in an unanimous vote by lawmakers. “I believe this is a stain on our criminal justice system,” said House Majority Leader Jennifer Williamson (D-Portland), one of the bill’s chief sponsors. “When a defendant’s freedom is on the line, their guilt or innocence should not be subject to majority rule.”

Oregon House Passes Bill to End the Exclusive Use of Single-Family Zoning in Cities

Willamette Week

The Oregon House passed the bill to require cities to stop excluding duplexes and other housing types from neighborhoods now zoned for single-family homes. House Bill 2001 requires cities over 25,000 to allow duplexes, triplexes and quads in neighborhoods zoned for single-family housing. Cities of 10,000 or more must allow duplexes, under the bill. It’s the second piece of high-profile housing legislation championed by the Oregon Speaker of the House, Tina Kotek, who earlier this session passed a first-in-the-nation statewide cap on rent increases.

In A Break From The Past, Oregon Sheriffs Change Their Approach To Gun Laws

Oregon Public Broadcasting

Early this past June, Coos County Sheriff Craig Zanni was in his Coquille, Oregon, office fielding an email from a sovereign citizen. The sender was claiming that the Oregon state government doesn’t have grounds to operate because it can’t provide him with a copy of the 1859 state constitution. Sovereign citizens reject the legitimacy of the state and federal government. All of it: taxation, currency, the courts and, of course, gun laws. Zanni says a significant number of people in his southern Oregon county, population 69,000, hold similar views. Except for the rare exception, he says they’re not dangerous.


Intermodal funding decision delayed until July 18

Albany Democrat Herald

Sponsors of proposed intermodal transportation projects in Millersburg, Brooks and Nyssa have until 5 p.m. Friday, July 12, to lay their cards on the table and disclose as much financial data about potential costs and income as they can to members of the Oregon Transportation Commission. Members of the commission had expected to make a final decision Thursday afternoon about providing $26 million for a project in eastern Oregon and $25 million for either Millersburg or Brooks in the mid-valley.

Sheriff puts foot down on follow-up audit in fallout over Clackamas County detective’s misconduct


Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts says he’s done working with outside consultants who issued an unsparing report a year ago criticizing how his staff handled a detective’s misconduct investigating sex abuse cases. Roberts told county leaders he won’t allow OIR Group to do another review of the Sheriff’s Office policies and training even though the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners hired the firm in March for up to $37,500 to do a follow-up analysis.

Portland State Leaders Put Off Decision About Disarming Campus Officers

Oregon Public Broadcasting

Portland State University trustees say they will take the summer to review the university’s campus safety plan, pushing back a decision on whether to disarm campus police officers. Interim president Stephen Percy said in a meeting Thursday that students and faculty will have time to offer opinions on whether to disarm campus officers after they return to PSU in the fall. Percy says groups are discussing more than 100 recommendations laid out in an independent review of campus safety published earlier this year.

TRUMP 2020 Weekly Update – Volume 1

ELECTION 2020 Advice (pass it on) – You can safely IGNORE the FAKE NEWS POLLS for the next year and a half and save yourself a lot of anxiety.  With the exception of one or two polling companies, they ALL got it wrong in 2016.  They all had HiLIARy winning right up until the day before the election.  These are no longer scientific polls just like the fake news is no longer real news.  The polls are created by Liberal pollsters to create a narrative that TRUMP and the Republicans will lose and The Socialist-Democrats will win.  It’s all a BIG lie.  Don’t believe them!  Ignore the polls right up until the election and sleep easier at night. 😊  https://observer.com/2019/06/donald-trump-reelection-allan-lichtman-model/

Their only hope of winning is to impeach President TRUMP – spoiler alert – that will backfire on the Democrats bigly: https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/446136-professor-who-has-correctly-predicted-nine-presidential-elections-says

Remember when…Clinton was unstoppable. “These same geniuses all predicted that Hillary Clinton was unstoppable and inevitable,” said Chris Kofinis, a Democratic pollster. https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/448447-landslide-polls-spark-angst-these-geniuses-saw-clinton-as-unstoppable

100,000 TRUMP supporters are expected to show up at the Orlando TRUMP 2020 campaign kickoff rally today: https://townhall.com/tipsheet/timothymeads/2019/06/17/trump-supporters-campout-forty-hours-before-orlando-rally-n2548413

Democrat congressman, running for POTUS, gets 18 people to attend his “huge” anti-NRA rally: https://townhall.com/tipsheet/bethbaumann/2019/06/17/only-thing-sadder-than-swalwells-gun-control-proposal-his-rally-numbers-outsi-n2548334


TRUMP orders ICE to begin the process of immediately removing the millions of illegal aliens who have recently found their way into the USA: http://news.trust.org/item/20190618011308-vmh1j

TRUMP’s threats against Mexico are working! https://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2019/06/18/trumps-threats-against-mexico-are-workinground-two-n2548443


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Impeachment?  That’s a great idea: https://www.gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2019/06/16

Somebody is trying to divide and weaken America: https://www.gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2018/08/03

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June 18, 2019 Daily Clips


Oregon’s Cap-And-Trade Bill Clears House, Heads To Senate

Oregon Public Broadcasting

A bill that would create one of the nation’s most sweeping programs to address climate change is within one vote of becoming law after it passed the Oregon House on Monday. Following six hours of debate, a sharply divided chamber voted 36-24 to pass House Bill 2020. The bill — the highest policy priority remaining for Democrats this session — would create a cap-and-trade system to regulate greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation, manufacturing and utility sectors. Oregon would be the second state after California to enact such a policy. Rep. Kim Wallan, R-Medford, joked that the issue had become a matter of the “woke,” who support the bill, versus rural “rubes,” who don’t. She counted herself in the second category. “If it walks like a tax, if it acts like a tax, if it quacks like a tax, it’s a tax,” McLane said. Republicans dismissed the notion that the cap-and-trade proposal would create environmental change. They instead predicted that price increases would prompt businesses to leave the state and lay off workers, and be a burden for low-income families.

House passes Oregon’s controversial climate change policy; Senate presents more challenges


After a marathon debate, some stall tactics by Republicans, and the expression of a lot of frustration, the House passed Oregon’s controversial climate policy bill Monday on a 36-to-24 vote. The bill now heads to the Senate, where a narrower vote margin for passage is already creating more drama. House Republicans kept the debate going for nearly six-and-half hours, many rising several times to decry the “disastrous” effects they contend the bill will have on jobs, energy prices and Oregon’s economy, all for an “imperceptible” impact on global greenhouse emissions.

After 12 Years, the Oregon House Passes Controversial Carbon-Reduction Bill

Willamette Week

After more than six hours of debate, the Oregon House today passed House Bill 2020, a long-awaited effort to meet the state’s carbon emission reduction goals. State Rep. Karin Power (D-Milwaukie), the co-chair of the Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction, carried the bill on floor. “This is the most destructive piece of legislation to ever come through the House of Representatives,” Wilson said in a statement. “Workers will tremendously suffer under Cap and Trade. Thousands of jobs will be lost. Wages will decline, gas prices will climb, and family budgets will be strained. Climate change is a global problem, not an Oregon problem. Oregon’s workers should not be punished for the reckless environmental policies of China and India.”

Oregon House passes economy-wide cap on greenhouse gas emissions

Statesman Journal

After a decade of work, the Oregon Legislature is poised to approve a sweeping, economy-wide cap on greenhouse gas emissions meant to help halt climate change. House Bill 2020  was approved by the Oregon House Monday on a 36-24 vote. It now goes before the Senate. Gov. Kate Brown has said she will sign the bill. The legislation has the potential to completely reshape Oregon’s economy. Supporters predict it will result in an electrified transportation system, new jobs in clean energy, and will be a catalyst for other states to take action. Rep. Mike McLane, R-Powell Butte, ridiculed Power’s assertion that the bill will help slow climate change. “Seriously? It has an imperceptible impact on climate change,” McLane said. “When you’re so desperate to do something, you’ll do just about anything.”

Supreme Court throws out Oregon court ruling against Gresham bakers in same-sex wedding cake case

Statesman Journal

The Supreme Court decided Monday against a high-stakes, election-year case about the competing rights of gay and lesbian couples and merchants who refuse to provide services for same-sex weddings. The justices handed bakers in the Portland, Oregon, area a small victory by throwing out a state court ruling against them and ordering judges to take a new look at their refusal to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.

Cap and trade withstands a lengthy floor debate to pass the House

Salem Reporter

After months of committee hearings, House Republicans relished their final opportunity to pepper Democrats over their proposed legislation to cap greenhouse gas. They took to the floor to give grand speeches they can point to when on the campaign trail, but they weren’t able impact a vote. That was decided well before House Bill 2020 hit the floor, where it passed 36-24. It’s a significant and penultimate step for the Oregon Legislature. The bill now moves to the Senate where the vote margin will likely be slimmer, but it’s expected to pass nonetheless. However, Republicans do not believe in the mechanisms to soften the blow on low-income and rural Oregonians. They say cap and trade will destroy Oregon’s business climate – something they say Democrats have had in their crosshairs for years with policies like the clean fuel standard and “coal to clean” legislation aimed at transitioning electric utilities from coal-generated power. But in the end, the two sides just don’t see eye to eye, and Oregonians have stuffed the Capitol with Democrats. It was a point made early in floor debate by Rep. Kim Wallan, R-Medford. Wallan, in speaking from her opponents’ perspective, said it’s the case of the “woke” versus the “rubes.” Both find it incredibly frustrating that the other side can’t see why this policy is either imperative or disastrous.

Both Sides Find Signs Of Victory In Gresham Bakery Supreme Court Decision

Oregon Public Broadcasting

The U.S. Supreme Court Monday threw out an Oregon court ruling that fined the Christian owners of a Gresham bakery $135,000 for refusing to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. But the court again chose to sidestep the issue of what protection the Constitution’s guarantee of religious freedom gives business owners charged with discrimination for refusing service to same-sex couples. Instead, the highest court has placed another, narrower question front and center in the case: whether the state of Oregon was biased in its treatment of the bakers in the case, Aaron and Melissa Klein.

Oregon Lottery expects to pay controversial sports betting vendor $26. 8 million in first three years


The Oregon Lottery forecasts it will pay its sports betting contractor, SBTech, about $26.8 million over the next three years. Sports betting, scheduled to begin in September, is expected to attract $332.8 million in the first year and, as it grows more popular, $722.3 million by the third year. SBTech’s payments will correspondingly increase from $5.2 million in the first year, $9.1 million in the second and $12.5 million in the third.

Oregon lawmakers spike bill to regulate kratom


Oregon lawmakers have decided to leave the drug kratom unregulated for now. Kratom is made from the leaves of a tree native to southeast Asia and, when ingested, can have an effect similar to both a stimulant and an opioid. It has become increasingly publicized and available in Oregon. In April, the Senate Judiciary Committee amended a series of rules and restrictions on kratom into an unrelated bill. On Monday, the Joint Ways and Means Committee reversed the earlier action and removed all references to kratom in the bill.


U.S. EPA removes two barrels in Wallowa Lake recovery


Contractors working for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency removed two barrels from Wallowa Lake on Sunday, including a rusted-out drum labeled as containing one of the two ingredients of Agent Orange. The agency said in a news release the drum had holes in it and appeared to contain lake water. Its contents will be tested to be sure. The second drum, which was unlabeled, appeared to be intact. The agency said it would sample it today.

Corvallis School Board to review school design plans, overruns

Albany Democrat-Herald

The board will be presented with designs for the replacement buildings at Lincoln and Hoover elementary schools and Crescent Valley High School. The board also will see designs for the remodeling at Garfield School, but work there has been pushed back. Patten said the presentation will include some conceptual floor plans for the designs, but the plans won’t get into detail about things like what the schools will look like or where windows will be located. However, it should include more general layout items, such as how much area rooms have, where wings of classrooms will be placed and where bathrooms will be located.

Bonamici shares her experience with college graduates

Daily Astorian

U.S. Rep. Suzanne Bonamici, a graduate of Lane Community College in Eugene, shared her experience and advice Friday with graduates of Clatsop Community College. The college awarded more than 150 degrees and career certificates at Patriot Hall. The Oregon Democrat was the most high-profile politician to give the keynote speech at graduation since Gov. Kate Brown, who spoke in 2015. Bonamici pushed graduates to take risks, keep their integrity and kindness, appreciate those who have helped them, stay informed and engaged, learn different viewpoints and make art part of their lives. “Access to education levels the playing field,” the congresswoman said. “That’s important. Education can give students from every background the opportunity to succeed and to thrive.”

Democrats Declare War on Workers


Cap and Trade Will Devastate Communities Across Oregon

SALEM, Oregon – Today, Democrats declared war on Oregon’s workers and their families. House Bill 2020, or “Cap and Trade,” will devastate communities across the state of Oregon. It will fundamentally restructure Oregon’s economy by creating a massive, unaccountable government entity known as the “Climate Policy Office,” that will have limitless authority to regulate industries throughout Oregon. The Director of this new Office is appointed by the Governor and only accountable to her, and that person will be the most powerful unelected official in the state.

“This is the most destructive piece of legislation to ever come through the House of Representatives,” said House Republican Leader Rep. Carl Wilson (R-Grants Pass). “Workers will tremendously suffer under Cap and Trade. Thousands of jobs will be lost. Wages will decline, gas prices will climb, and family budgets will be strained. Climate change is a global problem, not an Oregon problem. Oregon’s workers should not be punished for the reckless environmental policies of China and India.”

Cap and Trade will unleash a new wave of cronyism designed to benefit the Democrat supermajority and hollow out Oregon’s industries. It will do virtually nothing to reduce global warming. Instead it will be a wrecking ball to the futures of Oregonians working towards the American Dream. “The supermajority has passed Cap and Trade for the worst reason possible: because they can,” added Leader Wilson. “Cap and Trade is an act of economic vandalism. What transpired today was an abuse of power, and the victim is every Oregonian that works for a living.”


UCRCC PCP’s – Trump 2020 party

Defeat the Socialist-Democrat agenda to destroy America as we know it…support the TRUMP Capitalist free market agenda for 2020…please join us at the UCRCC TRUMP victory watch party at the Flying J Restaurant tomorrow! – Americans for Liberty PAC

UCR Trump Victory 2020 watch party
Tuesday, June 18 at 4:30 p.m.
at Flying J

June 17, 2019 Daily Clips


Oregon cap-and-trade: Progressive climate policy poised to pass

Statesman Journal

Oregon is on the precipice of becoming the second state after California to adopt a cap-and-trade program, a market-based approach to lowering the greenhouse gas emissions behind global warming. Supporters call it the United States’ most progressive climate policy, saying it not only cuts emissions but invests in transitioning the state economy and infrastructure to better prepare for more intense weather events as climate change worsens. “We have an opportunity to invest a substantial amount into low-income communities off the backs of the 100 or so major polluters that caused this problem,” said Shilpa Joshi, with the lobbying group Renew Oregon. Joshi has spent years working with dozens of organizations around the state to help shape the final legislation.

Single-Family Zoning Bill Faces Crucial Votes In Legislature’s Last Days

Oregon Public Broadcasting

Oregon legislators could cast crucial votes this week on a bill that would require denser housing in single-family neighborhoods around the state. The measure has largely been kept out of public view  for most of the legislative session. But it’s expected to soon move to the Legislature’s budget committee — and then go to showdown votes on the House and Senate floors in the waning days of a session expected to end this month. House Speaker Tina Kotek, D-Portland, the sponsor of House Bill 2001, and her allies see the measure as a crucial part of their efforts to ease a housing crunch that has driven up prices and left many people scrambling for a place to live.

When children die on Oregon’s watch, state officials may soon have to say more about what went wrong


Oregon lawmakers are on the verge of requiring officials at the state’s embattled child welfare agency to inform the public more quickly and thoroughly when children die by abuse after recent intervention — or inaction — by their department. Under the new mandate, the Department of Human Services would have to notify the public about a child’s abuse or neglect death soon after case workers learn how the child died. It also would impose stricter standards for the details the agency must disclose about the child’s death.

Oregon Lawmakers Again Fail to Limit Campaign Spending

Willamette Week

Expecting lawmakers to voluntarily cut themselves off from the unlimited campaign contributions Oregon’s Constitution allows them might never have been realistic. The Oregonian reports that the primary reform bill lawmakers worked on this session, House Bill 2714, is dead in the Senate after earlier passing the House. After Nike co-founder Phil Knight contributed $2.5 million last year to GOP nominee for governor Knute Buehler, Gov. Kate Brown and legislative Democrats pledged to address Oregon’s lack of the contribution limits this session. (Oregon is one of just five states that do not limit contributions.)

Oregon public defenders lobby for pay, staffing overhaul

The Register-Guard

Facing an ever-mounting caseload, dozens of public defenders in Oregon walked out of courthouses and into the statehouse last week to lobby for a bill that would fix a staffing shortage and an outdated contract payment system that has some attorneys representing more than 200 clients at once. A national watchdog report deemed Oregon’s fixed-fee contract system for paying its public defenders unconstitutional earlier this year, and the ACLU has threatened to sue. But sweeping legislation that would fix the problem has been stalled in a House committee since April — and now, two weeks remain before lawmakers go home for the year.

U.S. EPA finds 18 barrels, some intact, in Wallowa Lake recovery effort


A remotely operated underwater vehicle identified 18 barrels at the bottom of Wallowa Lake Friday, including at least one bearing a label that says it contains one of the two defoliants used in Agent Orange. An unspecified number were intact; others had rusted out. A contractor for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was still assessing the drums late Friday, with divers working between 90 and 120 feet below the alpine lake’s surface to conduct detailed visual and tactile inspections of the intact barrels.

US Supreme Court won’t hear Oregon wedding cake case, tells state appeals court to reconsider


The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the case of an Oregon cake shop fined by the state after its owners refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. But the high court also ordered the Oregon Court of Appeals to reconsider its decision upholding the state’s fine in light of another wedding cake case from Colorado the Supreme Court decided last year. Aaron and Melissa Klein, the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa of Gresham, sought to take their case to the Supreme Court last year. They want a court to overturn an order to pay $135,000 in damages, imposed by the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries in 2015 after the agency found the Kleins had violated a state anti-discrimination law.


Report: Oregon employers struggle to fill health care, construction jobs

Statesman Journal

Jason Wilson supervises one of the least known and, arguably, most important departments at Salem Health Hospitals & Clinics: sterile processing, where medical instruments go for cleaning before they’re put to work. The department has some of the hardest jobs for Salem Health to fill. “You don’t have to have any previous experience,” Wilson said as he stood amid the hubbub of daily sterilization work. “However, a lot of people don’t know what the job entails.” What it entails is a massive volume of work — the department cleanses not only Salem Hospital tools, but also equipment from other medical facilities under the Salem Health umbrella — and a life-or-death attention to detail.

Fire season starts Monday in Northeast Oregon

East Oregonian

Due to recent wildfire starts across the region, Monday is the official start of fire season for Northeast Oregon. Fire managers and weather forecasters look for an average fire season for the Blue Mountains, but dry conditions are attracting concern for large wildfires between the Cascades and the Oregon Coast. Dan Slagle, forecaster at the National Weather Service in Pendleton, said there is no strong signal that the summer weather patterns would be unusual, but July and August are predicted to be warm. “We are trending toward cooler and drier weather the next one to two weeks, but longer trends favor warmer than normal conditions,” he said.

Astoria delves into housing study

Daily Astorian

Though Astoria has plenty of places for people to live, the city’s housing stock is not fully serving residents, a countywide housing study concluded. The city remains short of affordable and workforce housing, as well as land that’s open and available to build new houses and apartments. At a City Council work session Thursday, consultants recommended a number of strategies, such as code and zoning changes the city could implement to encourage diverse types of development. There are also incentives Astoria could consider to coax developers into building the kind of housing city leaders want to see.

Hanford could be resting place for aircraft carrier Enterprise’s nuclear reactors


The Navy is taking a second look at whether to send nuclear reactor compartments from the world’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to Hanford for disposal. In 2012, the Department of Defense found no issues that would prevent the defueled reactor compartments of the U.S. Navy’s USS Enterprise from being disposed of at the Hanford nuclear reservation. But a new study is being launched after the Navy identified commercial disposal alternatives, which might cut costs.