Seniors on Social Security are Eligible for Payments

As soon as the middle of April, most Americans will receive a payment of $1,200 per individual, $2,400 per couple, and $500 per child directly to their bank account via direct deposit thanks to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act Download the subtitles for Frozen Open. As with any new program, there has been some confusion about how it will work, and I wanted to share some details for clarification.

You may have heard conflicting information about whether seniors are eligible for these payments Samsung Restore Solution 8. Seniors on Social Security ARE eligible for this payment. As long as your income does not exceed $99,000 for individuals or $198,000 for married couples, you can receive a payment 9mm.

Additionally, if you are on Social Security and you have not filed taxes recently, you DO NOT need to file anything with the IRS to get your payment Emper. The IRS will use the information from the SSA-1099 or RRB-1099 forms to generate your payment.

The IRS plans to send these payments by direct deposit Download the seventh son. If you don’t have your banking information on file with the IRS don’t worry! They will also be sending out some checks or debit cards, although these will take longer to arrive. The Treasury Department is also planning to develop a web-based portal for you to provide your banking information should you wish to receive the payment via direct deposit instead of via mail.

Unfortunately, the number of scammers taking advantage of the COVID-19 crisis has seen an uptick. The Treasury Department will NOT ask you to pay anything for this payment and will not contact you for your bank account information. If you are contacted by someone claiming to be from the government asking for this type of information you can report it to You can learn more about how to protect yourself from these type of scams here.

I will continue to provide information about these payments as it becomes available. For additional information about the economic impact payment you can visit the IRS website here. To stay up to date on the latest regarding the COVID-19 outbreak click here, and be sure to sign up for my e-newsletter here where I am providing frequent updates on our response efforts as well. It is an honor to represent you in the U.S. Congress.

Best regards,

Greg Walden
U.S. Representative
Oregon’s Second District

March 31, 2020 Daily Clips

Coronavirus in Oregon (March 31): COVID-19 clusters confirmed among hospital, transit workers

The Oregonian

CASES: Three more Oregonians have died from COVID-19, bringing the toll of people killed by the coronavirus in Oregon to at least 16 영화 나쁜 녀석들. The overall count of infected patients has surpassed 600 statewide. At least some of those cases caused employers to take extra precautions. Intel reported its first coronavirus case among its Oregon employees 솔리드 웍스 프로파일.

Oregonians with coronavirus: Yamhill County veteran, 95, battled COVID-19 and won

The Oregonian

Bill Kelly lived through the Great Depression 붉은매 게임 다운로드.

He served in the South Pacific during World War II.

At 95, the Yamhill County resident still has a bit of fight left in him, even after a weekslong bout with coronavirus download mfc120d.dll.

Gov. Kate Brown Has A Cold


Sometime last week, it became clear: Gov 나눔 스퀘어 웹폰트 다운로드. Kate Brown wasn’t feeling well.

With Oregon Schools Likely Closed For The Year, Officials Shift To ‘Distance Learning For All’


With Oregon schools closed until at least April 28, the state department of education shared guidance Monday night with superintendents, making a move from supplemental learning to “Distance Learning For All.”

‘We’re looking for anyone who is interested’: Some keep hiring during coronavirus outbreak

The Oregonian

Though hundreds of Oregon businesses have shut down during the coronavirus pandemic, and tens of thousands of workers have been laid off, grocers and food producers report continued struggles to fill openings.

Providence vaccine proposal centers on cancer-fighting technique

The Oregonian

Researchers at the Providence Cancer Institute have swiftly switched gears from cancer and thrown themselves into finding a vaccine for the novel coronavirus, hoping to redirect a technique used for battling cancer.

Here’s what first look at symptoms of some Oregon coronavirus cases tells us: Loss of smell, taste common

The Oregonian

Data released Monday by the Multnomah County Health Department offers the fullest picture yet to date of the types of symptoms affecting Oregonians who’ve tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

31 businesses in Portland’s Jade District, Old Town Chinatown to receive coronavirus aid grants

The Oregonian

More than two dozen businesses impacted by the downturn in sales caused by coronavirus will receive the first city-sponsored relief grants this week.

U.S. Census count in Oregon disrupted by COVID-19

Portland Tribune

Outreach efforts to increase the 2020 U.S. Census are being cut back because of the COVID-19 crisis, potentially reducing the number of hard-to-reach residents who participate.

Virtual college graduation brings real-life heartache in age of coronavirus

The Oregonian

It’s a decision that college and university administrators across the country are grappling with, and responding to in various ways — differing levels of success.

Life insurance will likely cover coronavirus deaths, with a few exceptions

Nerd Wallet

Thousands of people worldwide have already died from COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. For those who have life insurance, in almost all cases, they are covered, and insurance will likely pay out for deaths from COVID-19. There are a few exceptions, according to representatives from life insurance companies and industry organizations.

An Update on Coronavirus Relief Funding

Today, President Trump signed into law The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, which is the third relief package for the nation’s COVID-19 response efforts In-effect download with God. Earlier today, I voted in support of the bill. The legislation unanimously passed both the House and Senate.

I was proud to help write and pass the rescue package and to stand next to the President when he signed it into law Love Simon. This package is not the first response to the COVID-19 pandemic, nor will it be the last.  The American people expect us to set partisanship aside in times of crisis and do what’s best for the country and our constituents.  That’s what we’re doing today. 
We’re helping health care workers on the front lines back home get the personal protective equipment they need and the medicines and medical devices that will save the lives of their patients.  We’re helping people who have lost their jobs get a lifeline.  We’re helping our small businesses keep their workforce together Download The Kingdom 1 book. And we’re making record investments into finding treatments and a cure. We’re helping our state and local governments, too.  
We’re all in this together, and with President Trump’s leadership, we’re all in this to win as fast as medically possible. 
In order to prevent our health system from collapsing under the weight of this virus, we will provide unprecedented support for our nation’s health care providers, including $100 billion for hospitals, labs, doctors, and increased reimbursement for treating COVID-19 patients.   
We will dramatically expand production and distribution of medical supplies, by providing liability protections through the PREP Act for respirator manufacturers, providing $16 billion for the Strategic National Stockpile to procure medical countermeasures, such as personal protective equipment (PPE), and ventilators, and providing $11 billion for the manufacturing, production, and purchase of vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics, and other items to address the nation’s medical or preparedness needs. 
The CARES Act opens up the fastest computers in the world at our National Labs for research and analysis related to the COVID-19 virus tigervnc 다운로드. We help EPA expedite the ability to get disinfectants to market more quickly to protect the public from COVID-19 and prevent its further spread. And in a volatile oil market, the CARES Act smartly delays a mandatory 2020 sale of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve through 2022. 
Included in this package are improvements to expand access to care through telehealth, including $200 million for the FCC for telehealth services and devices, and an expansion of telehealth services in the Medicare program. 
The package also extends vital Medicare, Medicaid, and Public Health Programs — including Community Health Centers among many others until Nov Download the movie graduation. 30 of this year. The CARES Act also provides an additional $1.32 billion in supplemental funding to community health centers on the front lines of testing and treating patients in rural and underserved communities for COVID-19. The bill also prevents pending cuts to Disproportionate Share Hospitals (DSH). 
And we are mobilizing the nation’s health workforce, by providing liability protections to those who provide volunteer medical services during the public health crisis, and by standing up the Ready Reserve Corps component of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps to help address provider shortages across the nation.    And we take steps to protect our medical supply chain, something that I hope the Congress will continue to work on.
Today’s phase three approach is the most comprehensive and robust response to COVID-19 yet. This will not be the last package Congress passes to address this crisis. Working together we will beat this virus and get Americans healthy and working, again.

I will continue to provide updates and resources. I am in constant contact with local and federal officials and will continue to provide updates on my COVID-19 resource page. Additionally, you can stay updated by following my Twitter @RepGregWalden or my Facebook page @RepGregWalden.  

It is an honor to represent you in the U.S. Congress. Best regards, Greg Walden
U.S. Representative
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March 26, 2020 Daily Clips

Oregon Delays Personal Income Tax Deadline Until July


Oregonians who’ve delayed filing their personal income taxes suddenly have one less urgent item on their to-do list.

Coronavirus in Oregon (March 26): People in their 40s account for 1 in 5 cases statewide

The Oregonian

Oregon officials have started disclosing key metrics about confirmed coronavirus cases, as well as more information about their own preparedness efforts 유닉스 파일. The move followed calls for greater transparency by media outlets statewide. Among the new details: more detailed age ranges for the 268 people in Oregon who have so far tested positive for COVID-19.

After media pressure, Oregon begins disclosing key numbers on coronavirus cases, readiness

The Oregonian

At the direction of Oregon Gov Download Huawei's core. Kate Brown, the Oregon Health Authority on Wednesday began disclosing more information about the growing number of coronavirus cases and the capacity of the state’s hospitals to handle them.

Oregon governor blames feds for shortage of protective equipment during coronavirus outbreak

The Oregonian

Oregon Gov 기업 은행 앱 다운로드. Kate Brown used her daily media briefing Wednesday to call out federal authorities for the ongoing shortage of protective equipment for healthcare workers during the coronavirus outbreak.

Gov 사주풀이 프로그램. Kate Brown Speaks In-Depth About Oregon’s COVID-19 Response


On Wednesday, the governor spoke with “Think Out Loud” host Dave Miller about the state’s response, criticisms of her “stay home” request and then order, school closures, frustration with the federal government and other issues.

Surge In Oregon’s COVID-19 Testing Capacity Expected This Week


A new shipment of COVID-19 test swabs, combined with additional testing capacity at Oregon hospitals, will allow thousands more tests to be performed across the state in the next few days 지적도 캐드파일.

Oregon faces ‘severe recession,’ but its length depends on coronavirus

The Oregonian

Regardless, experts say the state is certainly looking at a severe contraction, though the depth and length are almost wholly dependent on whether the spread of COVID-19 is quickly curtailed and day-to-day economic activity can resume.

Coronavirus Could Kill Many Oregon Ballot Initiative Campaigns


This is the season when Oregon initiative campaigns normally crank up their canvassing drives to gain enough signatures to qualify for the November ballot.

Can Oregon’s Best Salespeople Convince Residents To Stay Home?


In a bid to impress the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic on residents, Gov. Kate Brown’s office is working with high-profile ad firm Wieden+Kennedy to craft a messaging campaign anticipated to roll out in coming days.

Religious And Faith Communities Continue Services Amid Coronavirus Outbreak


Faith leaders said the biggest issue with only providing livestreaming and virtual services is the lack of interactivity, especially as many people are already feeling isolated.

Coronavirus infections near 500,000 worldwide as health systems buckle

Associated Press

The number of coronavirus infections closed in on a half-million worldwide Thursday, with both Italy and the U.S. on track to surpass China, and a record-shattering 3.3 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week in a stark demonstration of the damage to the world’s biggest economy.

Initial jobless claims surged to record 3.3M last week as coronavirus takes heavy toll on economy


The number of Americans filing initial applications for unemployment benefits jumped nearly twelvefold to a record 3.28 million last week, the Labor Department said Thursday, offering the most vivid evidence yet of the outbreak’s widespread damage to the economy.


Editorial: Delay corporate activity tax collection for all

The Bulletin

The first payment of Oregon’s new Corporate Activity Tax — a 0.57% assessment on most corporations’ activity above $1 million in the state — is due April 30. Now, however, with the novel coronavirus pandemic creating problems for businesses large and small, legislators are talking about delaying collecting the tax, at least for some. It’s the wrong approach. The tax should be put on hold across the board.

March 25, 2020 Daily Clips

Murmurs: Domestic Violence Allegation Leveled at Lawmaker

Willamette Week

Andrea Valderrama, chair of the David Douglas School Board and a 2018 Portland City Council candidate, obtained a restraining order earlier this month against state Rep 러 버즈 랩. Diego Hernandez (D-East Portland).

Coronavirus News

Oregon’s Legislature Knows They Have Big Problems, But Answers Are Unclear


Oregon lawmakers are getting closer to the first of what many believe could be several special legislative sessions this year, as the state grapples with the spread of the coronavirus Download a good collection of songs.

Live Updates: 209 Known Coronavirus Cases In Oregon


Oregon has 209 known cases of the novel coronavirus as of Wednesday morning, according to the Oregon Health Authority 360 vr.

Mapping the coronavirus in Oregon: How many hospital beds does each county have Download Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 4?

The Oregonian

Change is rapid amid the coronavirus outbreak, and for state officials and public health experts, every day is a race against the disease fritzing 부품 다운로드. Infections are spreading quickly, and experts predict that tens of thousands of Oregonians may become ill. The sickest patients may far outnumber available hospital beds.

Oregon Seniors, Families Adjust As Care Facility Access Remains Limited


Long-term care facilities like retirement and assisted living homes house people who are some of the most vulnerable to the coronavirus. As homes across the state take steps to restrict visitors and limit their residents’ chances of coming in contact with the virus, seniors are adjusting to a reality of highly restricted contact with the outside world.

Oregon childcare providers must prioritize essential workers or close, state says

Salem Reporter

Childcare facilities and preschools in Oregon serving hundreds of area children must close their doors by Wednesday, March 25, unless they give priority to serving essential workers.

Coronavirus Restaurant Closures Upend Oregon Seafood Industry


Oregon’s seafood industry is losing a major market as restaurant dining rooms across the country close to reduce the spread of the new coronavirus.

Agencies Adapt To Keep First Responders Healthy Amid Coronavirus Outbreak


As the outbreak grows, so does the danger to Oregon’s first responders. In the coming weeks, paramedics, police officers and firefighters will be asked to not only continue on with their pre-pandemic role, but many will have to take on the added risk of transporting infectious patients to the hospital.

Nike joins effort to make more protective gear for doctors, nurses in COVID-19 fight

The Oregonian

As an expected surge of COVID-19 patients approaches, hospitals in the Portland area continue their desperate attempts to secure more personal protective equipment for its employees.

Oregon workers can report businesses’ ‘stay home’ coronavirus violations to the state

The Oregonian

Oregon established a mechanism Tuesday for employees to report instances when businesses aren’t following health advisories for maintaining a safe environment amid the coronavirus outbreak.


No cure for Kate Brown’s chronic tentativeness: Steve Duin column

The Oregonian

On a weekend that demanded unflinching, proactive leadership, Oregon once again settled for Gov. Kate Brown.

Editorial: State needs to be a stronger partner with public in coronavirus fight

The Oregonian

Even in a crisis, shutting down the economy should never be an easy decision if there are reasonable alternatives. Unfortunately, Oregonians were either unable or unwilling to embrace the reasonable alternative. Rather than stay home last weekend, many flooded coastal towns and beaches, flouted social distancing guidelines and showed little concern for local communities’ worries about protecting their residents from the spread of the novel coronavirus.

March 18, 2020 Daily Clips


Coronavirus in Oregon (March 18): Governor takes more actions to stop ‘greater loss of life’

The Oregonian

Gov. Kate Brown reiterated Tuesday that Oregonians need to take action now to slow coronavirus transmissions in order to avoid “a higher strain on our medical system and greater loss of life to this disease.”

Oregon Extends Coronavirus-Related School Closures Until April 28


Oregon schools will remain closed through April 28 under an executive order Gov Download harmonica Linux. Kate Brown issued late Tuesday. The decision comes less than a week after Brown closed schools a week early for spring break, with the expectation of reopening them to students April 1.

The Legislature is expected to convene to take up the coronavirus outbreak Amazon App Store 다운로드. But it’s not clear what legislation will be considered

Capital Bureau

With the continued outbreak of COVID-19 straining Oregon’s economy and health care systems, legislative leaders are calling for a special legislative session to allocate money and pass laws to ease the outbreak’s impact.

Oregon again flubs message on when to expect greater coronavirus testing capacity

The Oregonian

This time the confusion stemmed directly from comments by Brown, in response to a question from reporters about what was being done to increase testing in Oregon 인피니티 워 더빙.

Gov. Kate Brown Didn’t Move Aggressively in the Face of the Accelerating COVID-19 Pandemic. But She Was Pressed Into Action.

Willamette Week

The mixed messages can be explained in part by the backdoor negotiations—and sometimes public pressure—from others ready to take action if Brown would not 엄마까투리.

As Unemployment Surges, Oregon Considers Easing Unemployment Benefit Standards


Claims for unemployment benefits are surging into the Oregon Employment Department as businesses are forced to shut down as a result of the coronavirus epidemic.

Is it time to lock down Oregon to slow the coronavirus 이코노미스트?

The Oregonian

The logical question now on many people’s minds: Has the time come for a societal lockdown? What does it look like? And how long would it last?

Coronavirus Test Shortages Are Undermining Oregon’s Response


Oregon’s capacity to test for COVID-19, the infection caused by coronavirus, has remained tight and the prospects of significant expansion in the near-term is low.

Oregon grocers, suppliers say there’s still enough food amid coronavirus shopping frenzy

The Oregonian

From people on the front lines like Sweany to Oregon’s food producers, though, there’s a broad consensus the state’s grocery supply is adequate. Shelves may be barren each evening, they say, but they’re usually restocked every morning – and at some point people will run out of space in their pantries for all the canned soup and rice they’ve been stockpiling.

Oregon woman who had coronavirus dies, county officials say

The Oregonian

Lane County officials announced Tuesday night that a woman in the county who died Saturday is now believed to have died from COVID-19.

Kaiser to shut down clinics, office buildings, in anticipation of coronavirus onslaught

The Oregonian

Kaiser Permanente Northwest will temporarily close clinics and medical offices in the Portland area Thursday and redeploy employees in those facilities to Kaiser hospitals and urgent care clinics. It is another step the health system is implementing in preparation of an expected onslaught of patients infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Stocks, oil sink again as recession fears batter markets and coronavirus spreads

The Associated Press

Markets have been incredibly volatile for weeks as Wall Street and the White House acknowledge an increasing risk of a recession due to the coronavirus outbreak. The typical day this month has seen the stock market swing up or down by 4.9%. Over the last decade, the median move was just 0.4%.

Restaurateur Kurt Huffman On The Impossible Choice Facing Food Industry


For restaurant owners, the coronavirus pandemic has meant impossible choices.

Guess What Else Took a Hit From Coronavirus? Oregon’s Public Pensions

Willamette Week

BOTTOM LINE: The COVID-19 pandemic could be a disaster for the state’s already massive unfunded pension liability.

Other News

Coffee Creek corrections officer sues ex-coworker, state for $7 million for Taser hazing

Statesman Journal

An Oregon Department of Corrections officer is suing the state of Oregon, his ex-coworker and corrections officials for $7 million after he was attacked with a stun gun over a Facebook post.

Oregon water regulators exceeded authority, judge rules

Capital Press

Oregon’s water regulators exceeded their authority by shutting off wells within 500 feet of waterways in the Upper Klamath Basin last year, according to a judge.

Social distancing: Six virtual tours you can take if you’re stuck at home

USA Today

However, even as we are keeping our distance from one another, it doesn’t mean we’re completely confined to our own walls. With public spaces closing and events over 50 people canceled, many entities have taken it upon themselves to offer free virtual tours.

March 11, 2020 Daily Clips

Oregon climate change: Governor signs executive order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The Oregonian

With Republicans determined to block any movement on climate change in the Legislature, Gov Download Windows 10 Activation Crack. Kate Brown, as promised last year, decided to outflank them with a far-reaching use of her executive powers to achieve the same goals on a different path 잊지말기로해.

With coronavirus spreading in Oregon, how will it shape state politics 윈도우 7 한글?

The Oregonian

When Gov. Kate Brown signed an executive order to cap greenhouse gas emissions at the Capitol Tuesday, she was surrounded by roughly 20 young climate activists Download the php pdf file.

It was a scene that has already been phased out to the north in Washington, where Gov. Jay Inslee’s administration announced Monday the governor would no longer hold public bill signing ceremonies Download the Phoynics palette.

Oregon Looks Like the West Coast State Least Aggressively Grappling With COVID-19

Willamette Week

Oregon is geographically caught between two hotbeds of the virus: California and Washington, which rank first and second, respectively, for the most COVID-19 cases. But in terms of both funding and testing, Oregon lags behind its neighbors.

1st Case Of Novel Coronavirus Reported In Multnomah County, 15 Total Oregon Cases


The Oregon Health Authority announced Multnomah County’s first presumptive case of the novel coronavirus Tuesday.

Testing Limitations May Conceal Coronavirus Spread In Oregon


Until Saturday morning, Oregon’s number of cases of novel coronavirus had held steady at three. But that didn’t mean the virus had stopped spreading. The Oregon Health Authority announced four new cases Saturday morning, more than doubling the state total.

Oregon limits visitors to long-term care facilities to protect residents from coronavirus

The Oregonian

Oregon officials announced several new emergency policies aimed at protecting residents at long-term care facilities from coronavirus, including limiting and screening visitors, documenting who has visited and reducing residents’ community outings.

A Longtime Portlander Seeks to Ride President Trump’s Coattails Into a Rural Congressional Seat

Willamette Week

On Jan. 13, Jimmy Crumpacker released a video launching his campaign for the Republican nomination in Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District, which encompasses most of the state east of the Cascades.

The matches are set for secretary of state, Oregon legislative races

Oregon Capital Bureau

With a contentious end to the past two legislative sessions over a bill to reduce carbon emissions and longtime political players vying for secretary of state, 2020 is expected to be an exciting year for those tuned into Oregon’s politics.

Tayleranne Gillespie

Communications Director

House Republican Caucus

503-986-1009 (office)

541-554-6631 (cell)

What Editorial Boards Are Saying, Plus note from National Committeewoman Chris Barreto

A close up of a logo

Description automatically generated



(Democrats) could simply amend 1530 to refer it to the voters on passage 워드 무료. After all, there are more registered Democrats than Republicans in the state, upping their chances of success of a referendum were to occur.

More important, SB 1530 is a major change to the way we do business in Oregon, and big ideas are far more likely to succeed if there’s voter buy-in on them Download Windows 10 Activation Crack. A popular vote could provide it.


It is hard not to believe at this point that the climate change bill has become more of an ego-invested project by some lawmakers rather than a concept that puts the best interests of Oregonians first 잊지말기로해.

The climate change bill should be discarded and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle should convene to work out some type of compromise that includes voter participation 윈도우 7 한글.


Increased gas prices, utility bills and other costs would impact families, particularly workers who commute throughout the mid-Willamette Valley and farther afield Download the php pdf file. But the price hike at the pump would absolutely hammer small, family-owned farming, ranching, logging and trucking operations.

A number of our readers have suggested that we put the matter of cap and trade on the ballot and let Oregon voters decide Download the Phoynics palette. And that seems fair. While we usually support the legislative process, it seems rather broken when dealing with greenhouse gas emissions, for several reasons smemo 다운로드.


Oregon’s carbon footprint is tiny when compared to other nations, so the obvious question has always been, what gains, or benefits would such an Oregon emission limit deliver to the nation and the world Download The Mystic Apartment GhostHunter? The answer is none. Making statements about a hot point issue is fine, even admirable, but we believe this legislation will have an extraordinarily adverse impact that far outweighs the tiny reduction in total global carbon emissions it would create 세상밖으로 웹툰.

Our fear is this legislation will leave a legacy of bitterness and create a broken alliance between voters and those they elected. If the current Democratic carbon emission legislation is as good an idea as advertised, then put it before the voters of the state, as Republican legislators have suggested 캐디안 3d. A vote to enact this legislation on purely partisan lines, though, could destroy any last shred of goodwill and make Oregon’s political landscape radioactive for decades to come.


A lot is riding on the Oregon Legislative Assembly’s moves to curb greenhouse gas emissions. But even with the stakes, cramming the issue into a short session with just two and a half weeks left may not be the right move.

Good evening,

I don’t usually add a personal note to these “Daily Clips” but I am today.  As some of you know, my husband is a Republican State Representative for HD58.  I want to thank you for the encouraging words he has received, the support for the Walk-Out and for the many prayers. Please continue, the next 6 days are critical. I can only speak for Greg’s district but the East Oregonian newspaper did a poll and 1400 people voted in favor of the People of Oregon voting on this bill and 62 who wanted it passed with SB1530. 

The Democrats are say his job is to be on the floor to vote.  He was elected to represent his district and he is by not allowing this destructive legislation to move forward.

Today the Democrat leadership issued subpoenas to member’s homes.  The caucus members were advised that anyone over 14 years old can be asked to sign for the subpoena.  The very idea that our 16 year old daughter can be harassed with a court order is outrageous! 

The atmosphere at the Capitol has become very toxic with “Courtesies” during the floor session mocking our members and Democrat Representatives taking pictures of staff while they are sitting on the House floor taking notes. This is not only humiliating but also intimidating.  Greg has asked his staff to work from home.  He is working from an undisclosed location out of Oregon, but be assured, every member is still working.

Thank you for your patience.  I’ve attached a news release from President Courtney and Speaker Kotek that shows how desperate they are to force passage of this bill.  

Thank you and God bless you,

Chris Barreto
National Committeewoman
Oregon Republican Party
541 910-5247