Kate Brown Earns Scorn for Slow Action, Poor Transparency In OHA Scandal

Oregon GOP Chair Says State Needs New Governor Able To Restore Public’s Trust


Wilsonville, OR – Democrat Governor Kate Brown is coming under fire again for her disturbing lack of transparency.  With news of the Oregon Health Authority’s attempts to “manipulate news coverage to discredit a provider it is battling over reimbursement rates,” the Mail Tribune published a scathing editorial, contending the scandal “reflects poorly” on Brown, who was “slow to respond to the revelations:”




”Equally as disturbing as a public agency plotting to manipulate news coverage for political ends is a governor who took the better part of four days to respond after the plan was revealed.



Brown did not respond to the Portland Tribune story last Thursday when it appeared or on Friday.  The governor issued a statement late Tuesday praising Saxton’s tenure in the job while announcing her resignation:



‘Today, after discussion with Lynne Saxton, we have agreed that her resignation is in the best interests of the agency,’ Brown said. ‘Lynne has led the Oregon Health Authority through its most challenging times and helped me ensure that every Oregonian has access to the care they need. She is known as a fighter for Oregon’s values and I am proud of how she brought that level of commitment to the staff of OHA.’



If the plan described in the emails reflects ‘Oregon’s values’ or the commitment of the OHA staff, Saxton is not the only one who should be looking for a new job.”




Governor Brown took office promising accountability and transparency in the wake of disgraced Democrat Ex-Governor John Kitzhaber’s scandalous resignation, yet Brown has consistently failed to live up to her promises,” stated Oregon GOP Chairman Bill Currier.



It was just a few months ago that Governor Brown was caught red-handed trying to hide from the public the circumstances of her firing of the Department of Environmental Quality Board.  The Governor is now mired in yet another transparency scandal.



“She still doesn’t get it,” added Currier, “Government Transparency and Accountability applies to her too.  She acts like it’s limited to whatever she can’t get away with hiding.”



“Kate Brown is simply not the type of sincere leader who is able to restore the public’s trust.  Oregon needs a new governor in 2018 – a Republican – who can and will.




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The Oregon Republican Party is the state’s arm of the Republican National Committee. Its Chairman and officers are dedicated to promoting Republican principles within the state of Oregon and to improving the lives and livelihoods of Oregon’s working families through economic freedom and equal protection under the law.




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