Good News Update

GOOD NEWS (You won’t see in the newspapers or on television)


US Created 209,000 Jobs in July, Crushing Expectations:


America Created 1 Million Jobs in Trump’s First Six Months:

We’re On Track To Create 25 Million New Jobs Under Trump:

Pro-Minimum Wage Protests Evaporate:

Companies Hire Americans Instead of Foreign Visa Workers:

U.S. Corporations See Best Earnings in 13 Years:

Trump slows federal regulations to a crawl in first six months:

Homeland Security Immigration Crackdown Success — Even Without Wall:

Trump quietly putting his stamp on the courts:

Democrats Could Lose Five Senate Seats in 2018:




Democrats new slogan:

Government should stay out of healthcare:

General Kelly takes over as WH Chief of Staff:

Words versus deeds:

Fire and fury:


Go Trump – Make America Great Again!

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