Meanwhile…back in America

…there is still some good news…the US economy is improving, a real Conservative wins in Alabama, America is becoming more competitive in science and engineering, China banks help out with North Korea, The second amendment is alive and well, Jobs are coming back to America, Trump continues to bypass the “fake news” organizations with his tweets, Americans agree with Trump on the issue of patriotism at NFL games, and the Democrats can’t raise much money for their fraudulent, race-baiting, political campaigns. J


U.S. Household Wealth Rises to Another Record:


Border Wall Prototype Construction Begins:


Conservative Roy Moore Wins the Republican Primary in Alabama:

Trump Signs New Executive Order Prioritizing Education Funding For Science Programs:

Trump Administration Goes After Illegal Alien Parents:


Trump Announces New Sanctions on North Korea:


Jeff Sessions Pushes Back Against Sanctuary City (Portland, Oregon):


August Shatters Previous Record for Background Checks:

Mercedes-Benz to Invest $1 billion in US Plant, Adding 600 New Jobs:

Texas Deputies Seize $10 Million in Cocaine in Two Traffic Stops:

DNC Falls Further into Debt in August with Abysmal Fundraising Haul:


Solution to DACA:

No Apologies:

Welcome to California:

Destroy North Korea?

Show Some Respect!


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