Oregon Democrats Keep Harvey Weinstein Donation – Oregon GOP Responds

Democrats about “campaign cash…no matter how dirty…and who gets hurt”


Wilsonville, OR – In a statement, Oregon Republican Party Vice Chair Christine Barreto called out the Democratic Party of Oregon for keeping the $5,000 donation from Harvey Weinstein:

“As a woman and an Oregonian, I was shocked and angered to learn that the governing party in our state, Democratic Party of Oregon, is keeping the $5000 donation they’ve received from the despicable sexual predator Harvey Weinstein,” stated Oregon GOP Vice Chair Christine Barreto.

According to the most recent FEC reporting, the Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO) has received a total of $5,000 from Harvey Weinstein.  In addition, national Democratic Party (DNC) and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign (DSCC) committee are also sitting on $489,682 of unreturned Weinstein donations.  Most Democrat leaders and organizations have already returned or otherwise rid themselves of their Weinstein donations.  The Democratic Party of Oregon is one of only a handful of campaign entities that still haven’t done so despite the week of horrifying revelations about Harvey Weinstein flowing from the story published in the New Yorker magazine by Rowan Farrow.

“Even Weinstein’s own movie production company has fired him, and half of super-liberal Hollywood has condemned him, but the Democratic Party still appears unashamed of his support,” added Barreto.  “When Hollywood’s morals put the Democrat Party’s to shame, we’re talking about a party that has reached a new low.  Maybe they’ve been taking bad advice from Hillary Clinton or hoping for a continued cover-up, but now they have no more excuses.”

“When push comes to shove, it is now clear that the Democratic Party isn’t about standing up for women at all, they are about campaign cash to push their far left radical political agenda – no matter how dirty the money and who gets hurt along the way.”


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The Oregon Republican Party is the state’s arm of the Republican National Committee. Its Chairman and officers are dedicated to promoting Republican principles within the state of Oregon and to improving the lives and livelihoods of Oregon’s working families through economic freedom and equal protection under the law.



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