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The future of forestry: OSU college gets a major makeover, but not everyone approves

Albany Democrat-Herald

Now under construction, the centerpiece of the new Oregon Forest Science Complex is being built with massive panels of cross-laminated timber and wooden support beams, all of it sourced from within a 240-mile radius. The three-story classroom, lab and office building is calculated to serve as a showpiece for the Oregon timber industry and position the school as a leader in the emerging field of commercial construction using advanced wood products. “This building is transformational in what it’s going to do for our college,” said Dean Thomas Maness. But the project is also more than a year behind schedule, 33 percent over budget and, for some, a symbol of deep divisions within the college.


Native birds face legal threats, in Oregon and beyond

Bend Bulletin

However, possible changes to a century-old federal law could make it easier to accidentally kill migratory birds with impunity. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918, originally introduced as a way of protecting native birds from human development, was the subject of a new legal interpretation, and conservationists are concerned about more changes to the federal law.


Former Governor John Kitzhaber Will Not Become OHSU’s Next President

Willamette Week

Former Gov. John Kitzhaber has told the chairman of the Oregon Health & Science University that he will not be a candidate to replace OHSU president Dr. Joe Robertson, who is retiring. Last month, DJ Wilson, a healthcare conference organizer who has worked closely with Kitzhaber, wrote a blog post proposing Kitzhaber for the OHSU job.


Editorial: A disquieting display


Nosse’s bill is far from a radical reaction to all this; it simply seeks to provide consumers with more information and require drug companies to justify price increases. The plan by members of the pharmaceutical industry to derail Nosse’s bill — by means that can most charitably be called deceptive — only reinforces the need for the greater transparency this bill would provide. On Friday, HB 4005 passed out of the House Committee on Health Care, with bipartisan support.


Guest: Oregon needs more options before falling back on foster care

Lena Alhusseini, former child welfare director for Oregon DHS

In Oregon, much planning and investment had gone into using Differential Response, yet officials abandoned the model in September 2016. I was hired as the state’s child welfare director two months later and soon after, my staff and I decided to return to the program. The state report rejecting the model in Oregon only examined cases from more than two years prior in three counties. I pushed for a statewide assessment to be completed to understand exactly what our challenges were. But that assessment was immediately stopped by the agency director because “it won’t look good.”


Senate braces for showdown over ‘Dreamers’

The Hill

The Senate is barreling toward a battle on immigration with no clear end game in sight. The chamber is expected to turn to the issue Monday evening, but where the debate goes after it begins is anyone’s guess. Senators are predicting a free-for-all, and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is using a House bill not related to immigration as the base legislation in order to create a fair playing ground. “It sounds like Senator McConnell’s just going to pull up a shell bill and let people have at it. … It ought to be pretty fascinating,” said Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas), McConnell’s top deputy.


Progressives storm Democratic primaries


Progressive insurgents are launching challenges to Democratic members of Congress in some of the country’s bluest districts, sparked by deep frustration with the party establishment and anti-Trump anger. Most of the challengers are long shots at the moment. But some are putting a scare into entrenched incumbents, thanks to their muscular fundraising and a message of liberal disaffection on issues including Wall Street, criminal justice reform and single-payer health care.


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