Kate Brown Won’t Allow Oregon National Guard To Help Secure Border


Kate Brown Won’t Allow Oregon National Guard To Help Secure Border
But Wasn’t Asked, Oregon Not a Border State, Just Magnet for Illegal Criminals

Oregon GOP Says Brown Grandstanding, Distracting from Big Problems, Tax Hike Decision


Wilsonville, OR – Oregon Republican Party Spokesman Kevin Hoar released the following statement in reaction to Governor Kate Brown’s statement that she won’t allow the Oregon National Guard to assist federal efforts to secure the nation’s southern border:



”Hello??  Governor???  Oregon is not a border state, and, as pointed out yourself, you weren’t asked…. Brown says she is upset at the use of the military at the border, but was she upset at Obama’s similar use of the military at the border during his administration?  We already knew that she doesn’t care about the victims of illegal alien criminals and that she openly advocates for them to run wild in our state and commit more crimes so they can avoid deportation.  Of course, what happens at the southern border does affect Oregon, but we already knew that Gov. Brown doesn’t care about that either.  In fact, she’s happily turned Oregon into a Sanctuary State magnet effectively attracting as many illegal aliens as possible, including serious criminals.


So why the tweet from Brown?  Clearly it’s just more naked political grandstanding by a disappointing, hyper-partisan politician that won’t face Oregon’s really severe problems, such as the PERS Debt crisis, out of control spending, disastrous high school graduation rates, bottom ten business climate, and the horribly incompetent mismanagement of state agencies like OHA ($100s Millions in Medicaid waste on unqualified applicants) and DHS (Foster Care scandal) that have happened on her watch – to name a few.



Perhaps she is trying to distract everyone from the decision she has to make shortly on whether to hit 192,000 mom and pop Oregon small business owners with a massive state tax hike.  With her poll numbers plummeting 13 points to below 50% in the past year, we can be sure that it won’t be made out of true concern for these often struggling businesses that Brown herself has described as generating 70% of the new jobs in our state.  The Kate Brown we’ve come to know over these many years is no leader, just a grandstanding politician who cares more about what George Soros and her radical leftist donors think than hardworking Oregon taxpayers.”



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