DEADLINE May 15th 8PM: Vote for Lou Ogden Stop The Bullies From BOLI

Dear Oregon GOP Central Committee Members,

The BOLI race is an important race and could be over in next Tuesday if Lou Ogden can get 50%+ of the vote.  Turnout is very low so far for the May 2018 Primary, so this race could go either way.  We need to turnout Republicans for Lou to bring victory!  Please share the following email with as many of your grassroots member and support email lists as possible.

Oregon Republican Party

Kevin Hoar

The May Primary Election ends this coming Tuesday, May 15th 8 pm and there is a VERY IMPORTANT race on the ballot that you might not have heard much about – the race for the Commissioner for the Bureau of Labor and Industry (BOLI).

Though officially a non-partisan race, there is actually one registered Republican, the exceptionally-qualified Tualatin Mayor Lou Ogden, who is running against two Democrats.

This race is to replace infamous outgoing BOLI Commissioner Brad Avakian who became known in 2016 as “The Bully from BOLI” due to his zealous persecution of employers across the state, particularly small businesses who lack the resources to confront bureaucratic bullies like Avakian.  With Avakian, we’ve seen nearly ten years of sheer abusive, anti-jobs hyper-partisanship.  He’s taken personal political pride in driving small businesses out of business.  It’s a big part of the reason why he lost the race to our current Republican Secretary of State Dennis Richardson in 2016.

Though Avakian’s not running again this year, the leading registered Democrat seeking to be his replacement, former State Rep. Val Hoyle, would be even worse.  This isn’t just the opinion of Republicans, but also of business associations like the non-partisan Oregon State Chamber of Commerce AND even liberal media outlets like the Portland Tribune, which has endorsed Lou Ogden, said this about Val Hoyle:

“Hoyle is far too entrenched as a Democratic Party apparatchik….(and) was not a great legislator. She chaired the House Democratic Caucus, where she garnered a reputation for a my-way-or-the-highway approach to issues that turned off lawmakers of both parties. The word in Salem was that her own caucus wasn’t heartbroken when she left office… (Hoyle) is a Democratic party leader and, we fear, would use the pulpit of BOLI to bolster Democratic issues, to curry labor votes, and to serve as a de facto arm of the party that runs the governor’s office and both chambers of the Legislature.”

Oregon’s businesses and workers can’t afford to see her elected.  Without healthy, growing businesses, there is no labor.

To put an end to the reign of Bullies at BOLI, we need to get Republicans to return their ballots and vote for Lou Ogden.  Lou is the only candidate who has made it 100% clear that he will restore balance, fairness, and trust back to the state agency.   Lou Ogden has served nearly 24 years as the non-partisan mayor of one of the most successful cities in Oregon.  Under Lou’s leadership, the City of Tualatin has seen a 3 billion dollar increase in total asset value of private sector investments, creating 34,000 private sector jobs – more jobs than people who live in Tualatin!

With your support, Lou Ogden can help replicate Tualatin’s success across Oregon for the many who have not seen this kind of prosperity and opportunity where they live and work.  Imagine, instead of traumatized small businesses and oppressive government bureaucracy, Oregon’s job creators could have a partner in generating the opportunities our state’s workers can fulfill, while workers gain a chance at achieving the American dream – in Oregon!

But Lou is being outspent by liberal special interests and hundreds of thousands in out-of-state union money.  So, in addition to marking your ballot for Lou Ogden, here’s how you can help Lou to victory on May 15th!

  1. Make a contribution to him TODAY via Paypal at
  2. Go knock on your neighbors’ doors and tell them to vote for Lou and get their ballots turned in right away.
  3. “LIKE” Lou’s Facebook page and share it with your friends =>
  4. Email your lists and include in your newsletters the need to Vote for Lou Ogden.
  5. Volunteer to help get out the vote.  Contact the Ogden campaign at Lou@LouOgden to learn how.
We need to make sure every Republican marks their ballot for Lou.  We can win this race, but not without you!

IMPORTANT:  It is too late to mail in your ballot.  If you expected a ballot, but didn’t get one, go to your county elections office ASAP.  Make sure you to take your ballot to one of the official ballot drop off sites which can be found here – the DEADLINE IS 8PM this coming TUESDAY MAY 15th 2018!

Thank you!Bill Currier, Chairman

Oregon Republican Party


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