Washco GOP Invite

The Washington County Republican Party is working hard to raise funds to keep our office open on an ongoing basis. Having our Washington County Republican Party office gives a huge benefit to our candidates by giving them a place to meet and work, by providing a base of solid volunteers with the tools and equipment needed to help them, and by having a place to connect with the community. History shows that when we’ve had an office, our Republican/Conservative Candidates have won more often than without. In addition, it helps us recruit good candidates in future races, including our smaller local races next year. Prospective Candidates won’t have to go out and spend time and money opening their offices, they can get right to work and use their money for other things they need!


We believe we have a real shot in Washington County to pick up both a Senate and a House seat in 2018 but we need your help so that we can better support our awesome candidates.


Please join us for our BBQ fundraiser at our new office. If you’d like to come to our event, please send me an RSVP (see flyer below)  If you can’t come, but would like to donate to our good cause, please go to our website at www.washco.gop/donate.




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