The most important election is one week away – VOTE!

PRAY FOR ELECTION VICTORY! Limbaugh: GOP will hold the House:


TRUMP Accomplishment List in two short years:


100,000 Texans RSVP to TRUMP-CRUZ rally:


They will say and do ANYTHING to get it and keep it.  To the Democrats, it (illegal immigration) is all about POWER:


Meanwhile in Democrat –controlled LIBERAL LAND (Both Left Coasts), as the “caravan” marches north through Mexico, the homelessness crisis is exploding:


Black Americans, in growing numbers, are finally beginning to turn their back on the Democrat Party here: and HERE:




Why vote Democrat – just ask Obama:

Do we want to call Pelosi “Speaker” again?

Open Borders hypocrisy:

Here come the silent TRUMP voters again J:


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