Kate Brown Dodges Ethics Investigation Until After Election – Don’t Let Her Succeed – Elect Knute Buehler

This past Friday, November 2nd, Governor Kate Brown found a way to dodge an official Oregon Government Ethics Commission investigation by getting a delay in her case until after Tuesday’s election.  If this story sounds familiar, that’s because it is.  Seeking a repeat of the 2014 voter deception by disgraced Ex-Governor John Kitzhaber, Kate Brown now expects to escape scrutiny for a ethics cloud swirling around her as voters chose who will be Oregon’s next Governor.


Brown’s troubles went into overdrive when an undercover video surfaced corroborating the earlier reporter alleged misuse of taxpayer funds and resources to support, and in fact, run her campaign for Governor.  This continues a disturbing trend of hiding bad news that has occurred and of breaking solemn vows of transparency that Kate Brown made during made during her term of office.  Oregon Republican Chairman Bill Currier released the following public statement in reaction to this news:


“Following in the footsteps of Kate Brown’s predecessor, disgraced ex-Governor John Kitzhaber, Governor Brown’s ethics problems are being delayed until after the election, robbing voters of the opportunity to make an informed decision.  If Brown was truly innocent, she would want to clear her name as quickly as possible.  Instead, Brown has found a way to hide the bad news, along with its video corroboration, until after election day – just as she’s tried to do with the K-12 school report cards and her legislative agenda.  Voters should be outraged by this pattern of behavior and the lack of transparency.  It’s increasingly looking like the Governor is trying to ‘pull a Kitzhaber’ to get re-elected while actively avoiding political consequences for her serious wrongdoing.”


Since Oregon Governors cannot be impeached and removed from office, there is only one certain way to ruin Kate Brown’s corrupt plan =>  Mark your ballot for Knute Buehler and drop it off before tomorrow November 6th at 8 pm.  Oh, and encourage everyone you know and on social media to do as well.  VOTE BROWN OUT!


Sincerely yours,

The Oregon Republican Party


P.S. – For information on this story, read this => https://oregon.gop/kate-brown-avoids-ethics-investigation-until-after-election-2018-11-02


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