Oregon Democrats seek billions of dollars by stacking new tax upon tax

Oregon Democrats seek billions of dollars by stacking new tax upon tax

Majority party pushing new consumption, fuel, payroll and corporate taxes through legislature

SALEM, Oregon – It’s tax season. While Oregonians rush to file their returns by April 15, Democrats are feverishly pushing an array of tax bills that will burden the state’s working families with billions more in taxes – some that won’t even show up on your tax forms.

Already the Democrats are flexing their super-majority muscle by stacking not one, not two, but four new taxes to grab more of Oregonian’s income. Democrats bring you:

  • A statewide consumption tax on business sales;
  • A carbon reduction regulations program;
  • A payroll tax on every employer to fund a new Paid Family Leave program;
  • An increase in the state’s corporate income tax rate.

Oregonians have resoundingly rejected sales tax proposals at the ballot box nine times.  Most recently, nearly 60% of the voters said No to Measure 97. Democrats aren’t risking voter rejection this time. The majority party is poised to pass a hidden sales tax on businesses that will raise the cost of everything you buy. It won’t show up on your grocery or hardware store receipts, but you will be paying for the added cost of living imposed by the Democrats.

The so-called Green Jobs Bill is nothing more than a ruse to foist a powerful new bureaucracy under the governor’s control. Oregonians will see an additional 16-cent per gallon tax at the pump on top of the 12-cent tax Democrats added two years ago. Every time hard-working Oregonians and their families drive to their jobs, to shop, to school, to church, to hunt and fish, they will be paying more. The immediate hike in natural gas prices will also increase the cost of heating Oregonian’s homes.

HB 2146 will raise Oregon’s S Corporation – small business – filing fees nearly 600% to $1,000 annually. It’s a tax that can’t be recovered by any means other than passing it along to customers.

All of this comes while Oregon is taking in record revenue. Why do Democrats insist on more taxes rather than adopting fiscal responsibility?

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