Fastballs, knuckleballs, nasty sliders and wild pitches


Fastballs, knuckleballs, nasty sliders and wild pitches

Oregon growing unaffordable for working families who will pay thousands more in taxes

SALEM, Oregon – Democrats are swinging for the fences and wildly throwing the ball around the park. The super-majority party is flexing its muscle, smacking $5.7 billion worth of tax proposals over the left-field wall. As a result, every man, woman and child can expect to pay an extra $1,450 each annually.

Democrats have fired high heat at Oregon families with a $2 billion gross receipts tax that will drive up the cost of groceries for Oregon families. You won’t see the tax added on to your receipt, because they’re afraid you just might steal their signs and throw them out.

The super majority has bounced a nasty slider up to the plate with its $1.1 billion cap and trade tax package that begins with an additional 16 cents per gallon tax on gas. Democrats turned the double play, further burdening Oregon families with steep increases in home heating bills on top of higher transportation costs.

Democrats threw a brushback pitch, targeting the mortgage interest deduction that has long been a cornerstone of the American home ownership dream. Homeowners who depend on the deduction to stretch their home buying dollars will see more of their money going to support poorly managed government programs. Democrats have also beaned taxpayers with a $500 million payroll tax, a $108 million reduction in the constitutionally mandated kicker and a $334 million Medicaid tax.

Governor Kate Brown got in on the action by stealing home when she proposed a $500 million raid on SAIF to pay for the state’s burgeoning $27 billion PERS liability. The workers compensation system has proven beneficial to workers and employers alike.

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