Working Oregonians take note, your wallet is under attack


Democrats attempting to ram $2 billion hidden sales tax through the Legislature

SALEM, Oregon – It’s May Day in more ways than one for Oregonians. “Mayday” is the international distress signal and Oregon’s working families need to know their paychecks are under attack.

Republicans and Democrats are today debating the merits of House Bill 3427 on the House floor. The Republican minority is refusing to give rule suspension and as a result, the entire 82-page gut and stuff amendment must be read by the reading clerk prior to the vote being taken later today. This process is one of the few tools the Oregon Constitution gives to the minority party, saving them from “tyranny of the majority.”

“Frankly, much of the time taken by the reading clerk today should be used by members of the legislature to read the bill themselves,” said Republican Leader Rep. Carl Wilson (R-Grants Pass).

HB 3427 has been rushed through the process ever since the financial impact became apparent. The danger for working Oregonians is that the bill contains a new tax on Oregon sales that has greatly bypassed public scrutiny because the ruling Democrats cloaked its true cost until the eleventh hour. Amendments containing the details of the hidden sales tax were kept secret until less than an hour before bill went to committee for a vote. This new tax will be initially paid by over 40,000 Oregon businesses, who will pass it along to you through higher prices on nearly everything.

“This is why the Democrats have been careful to make sure this stealth sales tax, raking in over two billion dollars every two years, is being rushed through the legislative process without your scrutiny,” said Wilson.

Text of HB 3427

Youtube video of HB 3427 being read on the House floor

5 Replies to “Working Oregonians take note, your wallet is under attack”

  1. This constant stealing of our hard earned dollars is why so many live in either poverty of income, or spirit. Many just give up trying. How much is too much?

  2. Tax -n- spend, tax -n- spend, tax -n- spend, ’till there’s nothing left to tax, and nothing left to spend…

  3. Sneaking things like this through especially without public comment should be illegal if it’s not.

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