America is now #1:

Even Far-Left CNBC couldn’t hide the good news:

Blockbuster April jobs report shocks, so called, experts:

The recovery is benefiting the people most in need (the Democrats are lying –what’s new – when they say it is only benefitting the rich):

The Hispanic unemployment rate sets a new record low in April (Watch out Democrats- you might lose a big chunk of your voter base):

Even the Liberal Gallup organization poll shows POTUS TRUMP at a new high of 46% approval:

The more Conservative Rasmussen poll shows TRUMP approval at 50%:

Remember when the experts (on every Fake News outlet) predicted an instant economic disaster When TRUMP was elected:

Hey Democrats – You Can’t Hide Crazy – keep talking – you are propelling TRUMP into a landslide victory in 2020:

“You are now more likely to know a prostitute than a primetime CNN [Crappy News Network] viewer”:


Much to Bernie’s dismay, Biden enters the race:

China is no threat – what?

Some of the 19 dwarfs:

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