RNC beats the DNC in fundraising…again:

Small business is booming!

Patriotic bikers help re-elect pro-TRUMP candidates:

TRUMP economic pressure on Iran is working:

US consumer optimism surges:

Pennsylvania voters elect pro-TRUMP candidate:

TRUMP takes away California’s funding for the train to nowhere:

GOP-held Senate continues to confirm federal judges who respect our inspired constitution:

Meanwhile in Liberal-land:

Chairman Nadler holds AG William Barr in contempt:

Freshman congresswoman AOC pushes the Democrats even farther left:

Biden stands out as the moderate Democrat (hint – there is no such thing)

Who does China support for POTUS?

“China is no threat” – Joe Biden

NEWS FLASH…The 2020 election has already begun…give your support to TRUMP…the Republican National Committee…and Pro-TRUMP candidates…it drives the Democrats, Liberals, Socialists, Secular Humanists, Communists, MS-13 Gang Members, Leftists, Elitist College Professors, Hollywood Hypocrites and Fake News Reporters CRAZY! J

Go TRUMP!  Go Republicans!

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