Liberal Election Forecasts Predict TRUMP 2020 Victory

Nancy Pelosi said last week (in a sarcastic tone) that she is praying for President Donald TRUMP.  The Reverend Franklin Graham is now asking all Christians that we join her in that prayer:

TRUMP tweets a video of Pelosi tripping over her words:

Actor Jon Voight says “President TRUMP is the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln” :

Voters credit TRUMP for their optimism on the US job market:

Democrats are concerned that their frontrunner (Sleepy Joe Biden) can’t draw a bigger crowd…they have started making excuses for him: AND Biden is still the (old white) man to beat:

“TRUMP’s Formidable 2020 Tailwind” – NYT (New York Slime’s) commentary: AND here:

Is it time for a divorce?

Kurt Schlichter – It’s Time for America to Break Up With Liberals:

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