Even under the never-ending brutal, lying, cheating and stealing…party of open borders, crime and drugs…withering attack from the lunatic Left, disastrous and destructive Democrats, mass-hysteria Fake-News Media, hate-filled Hollywood actors and Liberal university kooks…not to mention the Socialists, anarchists and foreign powers out to get us…TRUMP and the (deplorable, gun-toting and religion-clinging) normal Conservative red-blooded Americans are still…Making America Great Again!

The Stock Market continues the long bull run. The DOW breaks 27,000 for the first time ever:

And, the S&P 500 hits 3,000 for the first time ever:

Stocks close at record highs before 4th of July:

The DOW logged its best June in 80 years:

Capitalism versus Socialism:

Jobs report crushes expectations:

Record 157,005,000 employed in the USA:

Strong job growth is back:

The TRUMP list of accomplishments keeps growing…and growing…and growing:

TRUMP 2020 re-election campaign blasts off:

Republicans raise massive $105 million in the second quarter:

The Fake-News Media predicts a “tiny crowd” for the TRUMP July 4th speech…wrong yet again:

TRUMP is rolling in cash for 2020 election battle with the Democrats:

p.s. I have always loved the Betsy Ross flag!

Who does Colin Kaepernick think he is?

TRUMP 2020! Pass it on!

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