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Why the Right is right:

America is drowning in lies, about President TRUMP, promulgated by the fake-news media mob:

The “insane bunch of sell-outs” running to be the Democrat nominee for POTUS want to put an end to Anglo-America.  No…TRUMP isn’t a racist, The Republicans are not racists and the 63 million Americans who voted for TRUMP are not racists.  The Democrats have dumbed down to a single issue…lying and demonizing their opposition…by calling them racists:

Even a CNN (Communist News Network) political analyst admits the Leftist news media organizations are lying about TRUMP:

I worked hard to get an college education (MBA), start a local small business (CPA), and labored in the American workforce, providing a valuable service to the community…even creating a few jobs (25-30) along the way (by hiring college students and training them to enter the workforce as accountants).  I have been at this for 40 years, all the while paying my fair share of Medicare tax.  Finally, I have been able to sign up for Medicare (turned 65). I have been a registered Republican voter since the age of 18.  Now the Democrat nominees for POTUS want to give Medicare to EVERYONE (including illegal immigrants).  Some of these people haven’t worked one day in the USA.  Who will pay for that?  Oh yeah…ME and YOU of course!

The truth hurts sometimes.  The Democrats are so sensitive when it comes to their inner-city failures (which are many…take Baltimore for example):

Socialism can’t exist without Capitalism.  You eventually run out of other people’s money.  The Leftists must have Conservatives to rob from and plunder or they couldn’t exist:

TRUMP’s growing list of accomplishments:

VOTE TRUMP in 2020!

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