TRUMP 2020!

Here is a piece of news you won’t hear on MSLSD, the Washington COM-Post, or Meet the DEPRESSED – “Oh my, almost ten percent of 2016 Hil-LIAR-y supporters now back TRUMP. We’re veering into electoral death for Democrats in a general election, given that no one—and I mean no one in the 2020 crop seems capable of beating Donald Trump. Biden can’t deliver counterpunches, name the state’s he’s currently campaigning and has had an abysmal time neutralizing the story about himself, his son, and their ties to Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company. Liz Warren’s health care plan is going to be her undoing, and the fact that she’s now mulling a phase-in to her forced Medicare scheme has soured her brand with lefty progressives who want this health care overhaul now. If she gives a timetable, it signals that this could be an empty promise, an escape hatch to jettison Medicare for All altogether. These voters will find someone who will blow up the system—and right now that person is Bernie Sanders. And Sanders, well, he’s a crusty old communist peddling recycled 2016 lines that have yet to really push him ahead of the field. It’s a weak, weak, weak, field, which will only drive more Obama-Trump voters back into the Republican camp come 2020. And these are a key group of voters. Democrats may have nabbed them in the midterms, but it’s clear that it wasn’t due to their policies. Democrats are about to lose a good chunk of their “supporters” and they don’t even know it. It’s the Democrats’ Chancellorsville. The GOP is about to do a flank march that will put their entire 2020 standing in jeopardy”.

TRUMP Rally:

Biden Rally:

“Thank-You Americans” – Hong Kong protestors continue to sing our National Anthem and wave American Flags (We should trade them for our snowflake college students on Liberal college campuses):

If this continues, the election is over!  34% of Black Voters approve of TRUMP:

Give The Real George Washington for Christmas:

TRUMP 2020!  Pass it on!

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