President Trumps Accomplishments

Good morning,

What an incredible State of the Union address we heard last night from our President.  His positive message was such a refreshing change from the lies and false accusations levied against him by the left over the past 3 years.

Despite staggering opposition he has been unwavering and his accomplishments are nothing short of amazing!  Imagine the success we could be enjoying if all worked for the good of the country!

I am looking forward to today’s Senate acquittal of the articles of impeachment and for the country to move forward!

What an exciting time we live in and 2020 will be the best ever!  The opportunities are endless during this election cycle and I hope you will join in helping to reelect our President and Republicans around this state.

Please share this information provided by the RNC.  It is an honor to work with such dedicated people who love this country and our President!

Winning together and on to victory in 2020!

Chris Barreto

National Committeewoman

Oregon Republican Party

541 910-5247

State of the Union

·         President Trump’s State of the Union address was a total homerun.

·         President Trump highlighted our nation’s unprecedented success under his Administration. The President offered a forward looking and common-sense vision for our nation’s future.

·         The specials guests of the President and First Lady offer the very best of our nation.

·         Our nation is on a “Great American Comeback” thanks to President Trump.

·         In just three years in office, President Trump has undeniably kept his promises and has delivered a monumental record of results for all Americans.

·         This record has been achieved despite constant obstruction from Democrats in Congress.

·         If Democrats win in November, this great American comeback will come to a halt.

Some key themes we heard last night included:

Unprecedented Economic Success:

  • We have achieved unprecedented economic success and policies that have unleashed economic prosperity for all Americans. We are in a “Blue Collar Boom.”
  • Record low unemployment, more jobs than job seekers, workers are coming off the sides, incomes have risen, 7 million Americans have come off food stamps, and millions of people have been lifted out of poverty.
  • The strong economy has lifted Americans everywhere. President Trump highlighted the success of Opportunity Zones which will spur $100 billion in private capital investment and impact 35 million Americans.
  • President Trump delivered on his promise to fight for freer, fairer, and more reciprocal trade agreements including the USMCA and phase one China trade deal which were both signed in January.
  • President Trump celebrated America’s energy revolution that has led to energy independence.

Supporting and Promoting Working Families:

  • President Trump and his administration have advocated for America’s working families including paid parental leave for federal workers.
  • President Trump and his administration have championed workforce training initiatives including the Pledge to the American Worker.
  • President Trump has championed students and is fighting for the freedom for all families to choose the best possible education for their children.

Putting Patients First:

·         President Trump called on Congress to support his administration’s efforts to lower prescription drug prices for all Americans.

·         President Trump has empowered patients. The Trump Administration has increased price transparency, promoted flexibility for families to choose the health care plan that is right for them.

·         The President has mobilized his entire administration to help Americans struggling with addiction.

Securing Our Border:

·         President Trump addressed the public safety threat of Sanctuary Cities and called on Congress to take action to keep our communities safe.

·         The President has taken unprecedented action to secure our southern border. We are building the border wall, catch and release has ended, and President Trump has been successful in his efforts to get other countries to step up and help stop the border crisis.

Defending American Interests And Keeping Our Nation Safe:

·         Our military has been rebuilt and nearly $2.2 trillion has been secured for our nation’s defense.

·         The Space Force has been established – the first new branch of the military since the 1940s.

·         President Trump has taken decisive action to confront terrorism. Two dangerous terrorists have been taken out – Iranian General Qassem Solemani and ISIS leader Abu Baker al-Baghdadi.

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